Macbeth Crossword Puzzle

The invading army uses _____ to camouflage themselves from Macbeth boughs
lady macbeth kills ________ before the battle herself
macduff was born through a(n) _______ and, therefore, is able to kill macbeth cesarean secion
if it were not for their ____ banquo would think the witches were women beards
after the murder, people at macbeth’s castle are awakened by a drunken _______ porter
macbeth is killed and ________ beheaded
after the king names him Thane of ___________, Macbeth believes the prophecy. cawdor
“By the pricking of my thumbs,/ Something ___________ this way comes.” wicked
“Double, double, toil, and trouble;/ Fire burn and ___________ bubble.” cauldron
“Fear not, till Birnam __________/ Do come to Dunsinane.” wood
______________ musters support from England to fight Macbeth and regain his throne. Malcolm
Macbeth sees three apparitions in the cave; and armed head, a bloody child, and a[n] __________ child. crowned
lady macbeth accuses her husband of being a(n) coward
at the beginning of the play, Macbeth is a(n) ___________, a nobleman of Scotland. thane
because he did not attend the _______________, Macduff falls from Macbeth’s favor. feast
____________ is the ruler of all witches Hecate
Macbeth refuses to commit ____________. suicide
_______’s descendants are hailed as future kings of Scotland Banquo
macbeth and his wife use alcohol and bloody _______ to frame the guards for Duncan’s death. daggers
macbeth is reluctant to kill duncan because duncan is both his king and his _____________. guest
while lady macbeth is ___________, the doctor overhears her confessions. sleepwalking
the play begins after a skirmish against __________. norway
lady macbeth says she would __________ her child to keep an oath brain
the sons of Duncan ____________ the court after his death flee
the three witches promise macbeth that “none of ________ born” can harm him woman
at the end of the play, Malcolm titles the noblemen ____________. earls
lady macbeth says she would have killed __________ if he had not looked like her father. duncan
a messenger brings word to ____________ that his wife and children have been killed. macduff
macbeth sees Banquo’s ____________ at a banquet ghost
Macbeth calls life “a tale/ Told by an idiot, full of ___________ and fury, / Signifying nothing.” sound

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