Macbeth Crossword

Lady Macduff and Babes Who did Macbeth kill in Macduff’s castle?
Cawdor Macbeth is named Thane of _______ because of his bravery in battle.
Dagger In Act II, Scene I, Macbeth sees a what before him? He reaches out to clutch it.
King James I Who traced his ancestry to Banquo?
Light What must the servants give Lady Macbeth at all times?
Duncan Who is a noble king?
Lady Macbeth Who says the following quote to Macbeth, “A little water us of this deed”?
Ireland Where does Donalbain flee to?
Macbeth to Macduff Who says the following quote, “Of all men else I have avoided thee”?
Porter Who thinks that he is at the gates of hell?
Fleance “We have lost / Best half of our affair.” What does best half refer to?
Banquo Who does Macbeth ask, “Is it far you ride?”
Macbeth Who says, “If it were done when ’tis done then ’twere well it were done quickly”?
Scone What was the place of coronation for Scottish kings?
Shakespeare Author of Macbeth
Holinshed Author of The Chronicles, which was a major historical source for many of Shakespeare’s plays
Ross At first, who tells Macduff that his family is well?
Foe Norway is Scotland’s what?
Guards Lady Macbeth gives something to whom to make them drunk?
Cumberland What is Malcolm the Prince of?
Birnam wood Comes from Dunsinane hill
Malcolm Who commands, “Now near enough; your leavy screens throw down”?
Duncan Who says that one cannot tell what a person is like by the look on his face
England Where does Malcolm flee to?
Macbeth Who falsely says he has “no spur / To prick the sides” of his intent?
Banquo Macbeth sees whose ghost?
Bloody child Second apparition
Born of a woman What type of men does Macbeth not fear?
Earl of Northumberland Old Siward is what?
Ross One of the noblemen of Scotland
Eye Macbeth tells what to “wink at the hand” or pretend to not see what the hand has done.
Old Siward Earl of Northumberland; ally of Malcolm and Macduff
New robes What does Macduff talk about that Macbeth has obtained?
Lennox In Act III, Scene III, who says that this has been a bad evening with unusual happenings?
Sea What does Macbeth think his hands could turn red?
One How many people are missing from the banquet at Macbeth’s house?
To obtain help for his cause Why does Malcolm flee to England?
Witches Who says, “Fair is foul, and foul is fair…”?
Hands What does Macbeth say is a sorry sight?
Gall spirits Who does Lady Macbeth pray to?
Tyrant Macbeth is a what?
Son How is Fleance related to Banquo?
King-becoming graces Malcolm does not think he has what?
Darkness The witches are instruments of what?
Blood What is on the murderer’s face?
Dagger What is Duncan killed with?
Lady Macbeth to Macbeth Who says, “Look like the innocent flower / But be the serpent under ‘t.”
Some of Banquo’s friends are Macbeth’s friends Why does Macbeth not kill Banquo?
Nothing What do the witches tell Macbeth when he asks if Banquo’s line will reign?
Who says, “Something wicked comes this way”?
Elizabethan Age What age did Shakespeare live in?
Malcom and Donalbain Leave England because they are suspects in the horrible deed that was committed
The Globe Theater where many Shakespeare’s plays were presented
Hecate Leader of witches
Foress Where the palace is located at?
Fleance and Banquo Who goes out for an evening ride?
Kinsman Macbeth does not want to kill Duncan because he is a what?
Macbeth Promises to do all that he can-“all that may become a man.”
Fleance Fled from the murderers
Guards Receives the blame for Duncan’s death
Doctor and gentlewoman Servants that witness Lady Macbeth’s sleepwalking
Host Macbeth thinks it is unwise to kill Duncan not only because Duncan is king but also because, while he resides at Macbeth’s, Macbeth is Duncan’s what?
Fife Macduff is Thane of what?
Glass The eighth king in the apparition holds a what?
Tree In the third apparition, a crowned child holds what in his hand?
Crown What does Macbeth obtain by killing Duncan?
Amen Word Macbeth cannot pronounce
Stain Lady Macbeth tries to get out what of the murder from her conscience?

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