“The witches instigate the tragedy by stimulating Macbeth’s unconscious wish to be king.” Karin Thomson
“Not only repressed guilt at her own crimes, but guilt at helping to create a man who could commit these crimes.” Karin Thomson
“Shakespeare externalises the forces of evil in his creation of the witches” Jane Kingsley-Smith
“Macbeth becomes merely a foil to God’s greatness or a pawn in the cosmic battle between good and evil.” Jane Kingsley-Smith
“Macbeth’s increasingly bloody acts are a deliberate attempt to silence his conscience but also to destroy his moral nature.” Jane Kingsley-Smith
“Overcoming the scruples of her ambitious and yet tender-minded husband…she is ready to sacrifice even her womanliness to her murderous intention.” Sigmund Freud
“In the end, it is in the divide between male and female worlds in Macbeth that the nucleus of tragedy lies.” Dr. Caroline Cakebread

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