Macbeth- Context

Religion During the reign of King James I, England was a deeply religious place. Despite the deep divisions that existed between protestants and Catholics, virtually everyone believed in the concept of Heaven and Hell, and they lived in fear of eternal damnation.
The supernatural To Catholics, ghosts would be the souls of the dead wandering Earth until they were able to access Heaven.However, Protestants believed ghosts were demons who were sent from Hell to tempt people to perform crimes/ unholy acts.
Women in Shakespearean England Disovdience was seen as a crime against their religion- The chruch firmly believed this and quoted the Bible in order women behaved themselves.Women were seen as being unable to control their emotions and so scilence was seen as a female virtue.
Witchcraft In 1604, witchcraft became a capital offence- on Act of Parliament decreed those convicted of witchcraft would be condemned to death by hanging, burning or drowning.
The divine right of kings the belief that the authority of kings comes directly from God and therefore Sacrilege was the most evil of sins. Kings strongly supported the belief in their ‘divine right’ to rule as it was an effective safeguard of their position.

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