Macbeth Characters

(King) Duncan King of Scotland, Father to Malcolm and Donalbain,
(Prince of Cumberland) Malcolm Son of Duncan,Falsely accused of Duncan’s murderOn Macduff’s side,Becomes King of Scotland
Donalbain Son of Duncan
Macbeth (Scottish Thane) Captain of Duncan’s ArmyThan of Glamis and Than of Cawdor, Cousin to Duncan
Banquo (Scottish Thane)A fellow captain and companion of Macbeth in beginningMurdered by Macbeth
Macduff (Scottish Thane) A lord loyal to King Duncan, Nemesis of Macbeth, ultimatley kills MacbethFather of Ross
Lennox (Scottish Thane) Part of King Duncan’s side
Ross (Scottish Thane) Part of King Duncan’s side, Gives news to Macbeth about promotion to ThaneSon to Macduff
Fleance Son to Banquo”Fleas” from Macbeth’s plan to kill
Siward, (Earl of Northumberland) On Malcolm’s side
Young Siward Son of Siward Earl of Northumberland, On Malcolm’s side
Seyton An officer attending on Macbeth – Macbeth’s servant
Boy Son to Macduff, Killed
A Scottish Doctor * Recognize disease and disorder (a problem) even though they cannot cure it.
A Porter *Hints at the hell-like nature of Macbeth’s castle
An Old Man * Associates the murder of King Duncan with the instability of the natural world
Three Murderers Hired by Macbeth to Kill Banquo, Fleaence, and Lady Macduff and Son
Lady Macbeth Wife of MacbethPlan in murder of DuncanCommitted SuicideLacks humanity and conscience
Lady Macduff Macbeth arranges the murder of her and her son
A Gentlewoman Attending on Lady Macbeth
The Weird Sisters Witches – Predict that Macbeth will one day become king
Hecate The Queen of Witches
Lords, Officers, Soldiers, Messengers, Attendants
People who Macbeth Kill? King Duncan, Banquo, Lady Macduff and Son,
Who are the Thanes that turn against Macbeth? Lennoz, Ross, Meneth, Angus, Caithness

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