Macbeth Character List Act 1

Duncan historic king of Scotland (1001-103 not on battle field, coward
Malcolm the eldest son of Duncan
Donalbain the youngest son of king Duncan, he flees Macbeth’s castle after his father’s assassination; going to Ireland
Macbeth Thane of Cawdor, then Thane of Glamis, then King of Scotland. He is a war hero and a loving husband who succumbs to temptation and becomes a murderous tyrant in order to be king.
Banquo a general of the King’s army, he is Macbeth’s partner in battle
Macduff the Thane of Fife, a Scottish nobleman
Lennox Scottish nobleman, he becomes more and more sarcastic about Macbeth’s virtue and more and more fearful for Scotland’s fate
Ross Scottish nobleman and cousin of Macduff’s who primarily acts as a messenger in then play
Menteith Scottish nobleman who joins Malcolm and Macduff in fighting against Macbeth
Angus Scottish nobleman, he follows King Duncan at the beginning of the play and fights with Malcolm and Macduff at the end of the play
Cathness Scottish nobleman, joins Malcolm and Macduff to fight Macbeth. he doesn’t speak
Fleance Banquo’s son
Siward Earl of Northumberland and leader of the 10,000 man English forces
Young Siward Siward’s son
Seyton attendant to Macbeth
Boy Macduff’s son
A soldier (a captain) he describes to king Duncan Macbeth’s battle heroism despite bleeding from his own wounds
a porter the doorkeeper at Macbeth’s castle
lady Macbeth Macbeth’s wife. She encourages Macbeth to be active in fulfilling the witches’ prophecy by killing Duncan.
Lady Macduff wife of Lord Macduff
gentlewoman Attendant of Lady Macbeth
hecate classical Goddess of the underworld, she appears as the three witches’ superior
three witches either supernatural or in touch with the supernatural, they lead Macbeth to his destruction by showing him the future. They are female, bearded, and evil
Apparitions supernatural visions brought to Macbeth by the witches: an armed head, a bloody body, a child crowned with a tree in hand

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