Macbeth Character List

Duncan King of Scotland; murdered by Macbeth, his cousin
Macbeth one of Duncan’s generals; wants to become King of Scotland; murders Duncan and slays anyone in the way of his kingship
Lady Macbeth as ambitious as her husband; taunts Macbeth’s courage to insure he will murder Duncan
Banquo a general in Duncan’s army; Macbeth’s closest friend; murdered by Macbeth
Macduff Scottish General; suspects Macbeth of murdering Duncan; kills Macbeth
Malcolm Duncan’s eldest son; named as heir to the throne of Scotland; flees to England after Duncan is murdered
Donalbain Duncan’s youngest son; flees to Ireland after Duncan is murdered
Lennox one of Duncan’s nobles; sarcastic and fearful for the fat of Scotland
Ross Macduff’s cousin;acts as a messanger; brings good news about Macbeth’s milatary victory and bad news about Macduff’s family
Old Siward Earl of Northumberland; ally of Malcolm and Macduff
Young Siward Siward’s son; slain by Macbeth in hand-to-hand combat
Seyton Macbeths lieutenant
Hecate queen of the witches; directs the supernatural happenings and appreances of the mystical apparitions
Witches Supernalnatural agents of fate who prophesy the Macbeth will become King of Scotlan
Porter Keeper of Macbeth’s castle; drunkenly imagines he is the keeper of Hell’s Gate

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