Macbeth Character analysis

Duncan He is the king and has 2 sons named malcolm and Donalbain and he is eventually murdered by Macbeth so that he can become king to fullfil the witches “prophecy”
Malcolm The son of the king Duncan, and he had to run away to England because his father had been murdered and he thought he would be next, so he is going to wait until it is safe to return to claim the throne
Donalbain He is the other son of king Duncan, and when king Duncan was murdered he went to Ireland so that he could be safe until he could come back and claim the throne
Macbeth He is one of the main characters in the play and in the beginning of the play 3 witches tell him that he will become king so he ends up killing king Duncan and eventually Banquo and tries to kill Banquo’s son Fleance but he escapes
Banquo He is Macbeth’s “bestfriend” and he is important to the play because at the beginning of the play the witches tell him that he will have power but not as powerful as Macbeth will be but in Act III he is murdered by 3 murders hired by Macbeth, because Macbeth thought the he would be a threat
Macduff He is kind a nobleman and he went to England to help malcolm try to reclaim their father’s lost throne
Lennox He is one of Macbeth’s Lord and he has figured out that Macduff is going to return with Malcolm to try to stop Macbeth and give the throne to the rightful heir
Ross He is also one of Macbeth’s Lord but not much is known about him but he is very loyal to Macbeth
Fleance He is the son of Banquo and is almost murdered by the 3 murders that Macbeth had hired to get rid of them because Fleance is a threat to Macbeth because he could take the throne from Macbeth
Porter He is just mainly used as a comice relief (after king Duncan is murdered) but he is just a character to give the audience a laugh after all of the dark things going on with Macbeth and Lady Macbeth
Lady Macbeth She is Macbeth’s wife and she is the main reason that Macbeth kills king Duncan because she kind of peer pressures him into doing it, but she doesn’t know ab
3 Witches They are a group of witches that in the beginning of the play, they tell Macbeth and Banquo how they will eventually come to power but don’t tell them how it happens
Hecate She is the main witch out of the 3 and she kind of makes all the decisions

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