Macbeth Character

Duncan (King of Scotland) -A good king who his people like-unable to discern those that threaten his reign
Macbeth (Thane of Glamis & Crawdor) -A general in the King’s army-good man troubled by his conscience-ambitious and murderous-led to evil by the witches’ predictions
Lady Macbeth -good wife in the beginning-lacks the morals of her husband, becomes ambitious
Banquo (Thane of Lochaber) -General in the king’s army-serves as a “foil” to macbeth-brave and ambitious but is tempered by intelligence
Macduff (Thane of Fife) -a nobleman of scotland-shows an early distrust of Macbeth/ represents fate-flees to avoid looking guilty, is the avenger
Malcolm -elder son of Duncan-good king and is everything macbeth is not
Donalbain -younger son of Dunca-flees to Ireland after Duncan’s murder
Lennox -nobleman of scotland-one of Duncan’s trusted nobles-plays the role of “observer” in the play-grows suspicious pf what he observes, is fearful for the fate of Scotland
Hecate -queen of the witches-director of supernatural happenings and apparitions-the 3 witches-each has a familiar, Graymalkin us a cat, paddock is a toad-can assume the shape of an animal with defect-they can control the winds-look human but have beards
The porter -keeper of macbeth’s castle-Often believes he is the keeper of hell’s gate
Lady macduff (macduff’s wife) -represents all the good that have been slaughtered-does not believe her husband is a traitor
Fleance -Banquo’s son-No large tole in the play. Audience questions why his lines end up becoming king after malcolm.
Ross -Nobleman of scotland and macduff’s cousin-acts as a messenger in the play
Siward (Earl of Northumberland) -General in the English forces-Ally of Malcolm and macduff
Young siward -Siward’s son-used to demonstrate Macbeth’s brutality in hand to hand combat
Seyton -Attendant to macbeth and his lieutenant

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