Macbeth Chapters 1 and 2

What are some important Motifs Sleep, Blood/Bloodiness, Gender, Appearance vs Reality (includes Hallucinations, and Equivocation)
monologue extended solo speech by one character (can be heard)
Soliloquy Monologue that is only heard by audience, Internal thoughts of a character)
Aside Character speaking one on one with another character, a short soliloquy that can be heard by other characters
In act 1 scene 1 what do the witches plan on doing? Meeting Macbeth after the battle
What is the atmosphere of act 1 scene 1 dark, Creepy, violent
In act 1 scene 2 what has happened to the captain who approaches Macbeth He is covered in blood, and is gravely injured
How does macbeth kill the traitor in act 1 scene 2 Cuts him from the navel to the chin and then cuts his head off
Who does Duncan sentence to death? Why? The thane of Cawdor, because he betrayed Duncan
Who does Duncan name the Thane of Cawdor Macbeth
What is going on at the beginning of act 1 scene 3 The witches are discussing how to kill punish a woman for not sharing her chestnuts with one of the witches
What are some of the predictions made by the three witches? Macbeth will be king, and Banquo’s children will be kings
What are Macbeth’s Desires that are reviled in Act 1 He wishes to kill Duncan and Malcom so that he can become king
What is Lady Macbeth’s Prayer She wishes that she could be “unsexed” so that she can be filled with evil and do bad things
What is ironic about the King and his men complimenting Macbeth’s castle This is the place that Macbeth will kill Duncan
In act 1 scene 7 Macbeth has second thoughts about killing Duncan. What are some of his reasons for not killing Duncan? They are family, Duncan trusts him, The people love Duncan, Duncan just made him thane of Cawdor
How does lady macbeth Convince macbeth to kill Duncan She shames him, Tells him that he is not a man if he doesn’t do this
What is lady Macbeth’s master plan for killing Duncan Step 1 Get the guards and the king super drunk Step 2 Take daggers from the guards Step 3 Have macbeth kill Duncan with the daggers Step 4 plant the daggers back on the guards and blame the guards
In act 2 scene 1 what type of night is it Timeless, dark, still, No stars are out
in act 2 scene 1 why cant Banquo sleep he is thinking about the 3 witches and their predictions
What does Macbeth Hallucinate? (act 2 scene 1) He sees a floating dagger in the air.
why didn’t lady Macbeth kill Duncan herself? Duncan looks like her father when he sleeps,
why is lady macbeth mad at macbeth in act 2 scene 2 he brings back the daggers covered in blood
Who is porter? What is he doing at the beginning of Act 2 scene 3? He is the door man to Macbeth’s Castle. He is always drunk. At the beginning of this scene he is pretending to be the gate keeper of hell.
What does Macduff discover in Act 2 scene 3? The dead body of Duncan
Macbeth confesses to killing the guards. What is his reason for killing the? It was an act of passion, and when he figured out that the Guards had killed Duncan he killed them. It was because he loved Duncan so much.
What does lady Macbeth do to distract everyone form Macbeth saying too much? She Faints
What do Malcom and Dolalbain do after their fathers murder? They flee the country, because they know that whoever killed their father will probably come to kill them. Malcom goes to England and Donalbain goes to Ireland.When they flee the country it makes it look like they killed Duncan.
What are some strange Events that happen after the death of Duncan? The day is completely dark, Horses that are usually calm burst out of their pens and eat each other, an owl attacks a falcon
Why is Macbeth going to Scone To be crowned King
Where is Duncan’s body being taken? Colmekill, or Fife

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