macbeth chapter 4

paraphrase the three prophecies at the beginning of act 4 that the witches give to macbeth 1. beware macduff2. no one born from a woman shall harm macbeth3. macbeth is safe until the woods attack his castle
what and why might the helmet head apparition symbolize? macduff because he’s an enemy of macbeth; foreshadows the future
what and why might the bloody child symbolize? malcom, the child of duncan; fleance the child of banquo
what and why might both the crowned child and the tree he’s holding symbolize? family tree (malcom and duncan or banquo and fleance)
how does macbeth react to the prophecies? he’s happy because he feels security
what does the looking glass show and what does it represent? nine kings wearing crowns and holding septors, represents banquo’s descendants
briefly explain the first act of revenge macbeth does after he speaks with the witches? killing macduff’s family

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