Macbeth Chapter 2

Scene I: 1. Why did Banquo stay up with sword available in his friend’s home? He couldn’t sleep and his sleep will rise of his thoughts about his dream of the three witches.
2. Sum up the proposition that Macbeth made to Banquo, and Banquo’s answer. Macbeth told Banquo to have his back on the upcoming situations and Banquo shall receive some kind of reward. Banquo agrees, as long as the deeds are in good morals.
3. What does the vision of the dagger show about Macbeth’s state of mind before the murder? Macbeth’s mind was constantly around the murder of Duncan. He kept contemplating on whether he should kill Duncan or not and pictured the bloody dagger. This is Macbeth being stressed and anxious.
Scene 2: 4. How does Shakespeare make us feel the murder of Duncan, even though we do not see it on the stage? His silver skin laced with his golden blood, And his gashed stabs looked like a breach in nature—Macduff’s cries, the character’s mourn, the imagery”Broke into Lord’s anointed temple” or somethingShakespeare wanted us to picture it in a way that it would receive power instead of showing it, which would decrease the strength of the scene to some audiences.
5. Give two pieces of proof from this scene that Macbeth’s conscience is hurting. Proof that Macbeth’s conscience is hurting is, Macbeth was too afraid to go back to the chamber and Macbeth was hearing voices of people in their sleep saying Macbeth killed Duncan. He felt like all of the Neptune’s oceans can’t wash the blood off his hands.
6. What error did Macbeth commit in performing the murder? How was it corrected? Macbeth brought the swords back even though Lady Macbeth told him not to and he did not smear the sleepy grooms with blood. Macbeth was too afraid to go back to Duncan’s chamber. This problem was corrected by, Lady Macbeth took the daggers back herself.
7. What effect does the knocking have on the latter part of the scene? The knocking later caused a comic relief of Porter reluctantly trying to answer the door and comparing himself to a porter at hell’s gate to start out scene 3. The knocking caused Macbeth and Lady Macbeth to attempt and hide in their chambers and pretend to be asleep. Lady Macbeth told Macbeth to not be lost in his thoughts.
Scene 3: 8. What is meant by calling the drunken porter scene “comic relief”? The drunken porter was talking about who is knocking to get the readers or audience off of the mind that Macbeth killed Duncan. The drunken porter acts like he was a porter from hell’s gate. He was mocking on who is on the other side of the door.
9. List, with their crimes, the three sinners that the porter thought he was admitting. A farmer who committed suicide due to greed because he expected plentyA man who lied under oath to God, preventing him to heavenA lustful English tailor who was “stealing out of a French hose”
10. Give two indications in this scene to show that Macbeth is growing hard-hearted To directly pin the crime on the servants in Duncan’s chamber, he told Macduff and Lennox that he killed the servants due to his anger, for the king. He lies more and grows more comfortable in his own madness
11. Did Lady Macbeth faint or only pretend to? Give reasons for your answer. She probably pretended to because she knew of the plan, which wouldn’t make her faint of surprise. Macbeth was acting obnoxious and people are starting to suspect that he is not acting himself so she staged her faint to get everyone’s attention off the fact that Macbeth was acting like a fool.
12. When did Macbeth kill the guards? Quote the lines in which he says that he did. Macbeth killed the guards after Lennox and Macduff checked the room and saw a dead Duncan. Macbeth said in lines 124-125 of this scene was, “O yet I do repent of me of my fury, That I did kill them.”
13. What did Malcolm and Donalbain decide to do? Why? Malcolm decided to leave the court of Scotland to England and Donalbain left to Ireland. They did it for their safety.
Scene 4: 14. From this minor scene list four events that you learn about. – Macduff pinned the crime at Donalbain and Malcolm, sons of Duncan, as one of the causes of the death of Duncan as they fled. Macbeth agrees with this notion as others grow suspicious of him- Unnatural events have been spoken by Ross and the Old man- Macbeth has been declared king and went to Scone to be crowned king- Macduff goes to Fife and Ross goes to Scone
Macbeth 1. Get ready to murder Duncan, lies to Banquo, sees a dagger, the ring calls him2. Kills Duncan offscreen, he is growing paranoid, he is doubting his actions, Lady Macbeth continues to manipulate him, but he grows remorseful yet descends more into his chaos. He grows weak and cannot put the bloody daggers back in Duncan’s chamber3. Lies more to Macduff and Company (Ross, Lennox, etc., while his best friend Banquo is off-screen), tries very hard to make himself not seem guilty. Macbeth reveals that he has killed the servants, which erases evidence against him yet makes Macduff suspicious.
Lady Macbeth 2. Lady Macbeth talks to herself and that shows that she is growing more paranoid, yet she tells herself to stay strong and continues to goad Macbeth. 3.

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