Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Macbeth I am manipulated by the witches and my wife.
Banquo I am Macbeth’s friend and co-general in Scotland’s army at the opening of the play.
Donalbain I am the King’s second son who flees to Ireland when the King is murdered.
Fleance I am Banquo’s son.
the Porter I provide comic relief and talk of hell and lechery.
Duncan I am King when the play opens.
Lady Macbeth I chastise Macbeth for fearing the voices in his head.
Malcolm I am the king’s eldest son, the crowned Prince of Cumberland.
MacDuff I kill Macbeth.
Birnam Wood (We) are the forest that “marches” to Dunsinane Hill against Macbeth.
Scotland This is the country in which the majority of the action of the play takes place.
England This is the country to which Malcolm, heir to the throne, flees.
Inverness This is the name of Macbeth’s castle.
Dunsinane This is King Duncan’s castle.
Fife This is the site of Macduff’s home, where his family is slaughtered.
Glamis, Cawdor, King These are the names by which the witches greet Macbeth when they first meet him.
Lesser than Macbeth and greater; Not so happy as Macbeth yet happier; he won’t be a king but his heirs will be These are the prophecies the witches give Banquo.
a letter This is how Lady Macbeth learns of the witches’ prophecies for her husband.
so they can kill him This is why Lady Macbeth eagerly welcomes Duncan to her castle.
Duncan names Malcolm heir to the throne and his official successor. This angers Macbeth and reinforces the fact that he will have to do something himself to make the witches prophecies come true.
Lady Macbeth Macbeth is finally persuaded to commit the murder of Duncan by this character.
evil spirits To commit the murder, Lady Macbeth asks for help from these.
Duncan is his cousin and his king.He is Duncan’s host.Duncan has been a great king, not a tyrant. Macbeth gives all of these as reasons NOT to kill Duncan.
He looks like her father as he slept. Lady Macbeth says that this is why she does not kill Duncan herself, even though she has the chance.
a dagger Macbeth sees this just before the time when he is to go and kill Duncan.
voices Macbeth reports he hears these while committing Duncan’s murder.
She has to take the daggers back. This is why Lady Macbeth has to return to Duncan’s chamber after he has been killed.
They are afraid for their lives. Duncan’s sons flee from Scotland after his murder for this reason.
MacDuff Duncan’s body is found by this character.
MacDuff and Lennox The knocking at the gate is DONE by these characters.
He is afraid Banquo suspects him of killing Duncan.He does not want Banquo’s sons to be kings. Macbeth gives these as reasons for killing Banquo.
Banquo’s ghost is there. This is why Macbeth cannot sit down during the banquet scene.
He feels guilty; it is a creation of his mind. This is why Macbeth sees the ghost of Banquo.
It seems motivated by anger or revenge; it does not gain him anything at all; it is cold-blooded and ordered with no thought at all. The murder of Lady Macduff and family differs from that of Banquo and of Duncan in that it seems to be prompted by this.
England Malcolm and Macduff plan to fight against Macbeth with help from forces from this country.
Talks about the murders.Washes her hands. Lady Macbeth, while sleepwalking, does these things (2).
She kills herself. Lady Macbeth dies in this manner.
Young Siward is slain. In the engagement between Macbeth and Young Siward, this happens to Young Siward.
They flee him. Most of Macbeth’s men do this as the closing conflict of the play approaches.
He is testing MacDuff This is why Malcolm misrepresents his character to Macduff when Macduff first arrives in England.
Macbeth kills them This happens to Duncan’s guards on the morning Duncan’s murder is discovered
His head is cut off by Macduff Macbeth dies, specifically, in this manner and by this person’s hand.
Birnam Wood Malcolm’s army hews down bows from this place as they approach Macbeth’s castle.
He was not “born.” He was taken out of the womb of his mother after her death. This is why Macduff is able to kill Macbeth.
They plant the seed of desire (to be King) in his head. This is the purpose of the initial meeting between Macbeth and the witches.
They are cousins. This is how Macbeth and King Duncan are related.
It looks like Macduff’s head (armed). This apparition tells Macbeth to “Beware Macduff.”
It looks like a bloody child (Macduff at birth). This apparition tells Macbeth that he won’t be harmed of anyone born of a woman.
It looks like a child crowned, holding a tree (symbolizes Malcolm). This apparition tells Macbeth that he will stay king until Birnam Wood marches against Dunsinane.
Banquo pointing to a line of kings. This apparition shows Macbeth that Banquo’s sons will still become kings.
The witches We are also called “the weird sisters” in this play.
5 Every Shakespeare play has this number of Acts.
Iambic pentameter Most of Shaespeare’s plays are written in this pattern of rhyme and rhythm.
Ross I am the minor lord who seems to function as a messenger throughout the play.

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