Macbeth Background and Notes

What is the time period during Macbeth? Renaissance
What is the language spoken during Macbeth? Elizabethan/Shakespearean
What year is Macbeth written in? Early 1600’s
What does historical Fiction mean? Real historical people but has an embellished story line to make it more entertaining for the audience.
What genre is Macbeth? Historical fiction
What is Macbeth about? How ambition, jealousy, and desire for revenge cause a murder along with several other things. And about brave, loyal people who loved their family.
What are some themes found in Macbeth? Things are not always what they seem; Blind ambition; power corrupts; superstition affects human behavior; and Tragedy
What is a Tragedy? A downfall of one or more main character(s) as a result of the character’s own choices.
The opening scene of Macbeth is…? An incantation (spell) of 3 witches on MacbethIs set in the 11th Century in Scotland
What did William Shakespeare set his story on? Historical information in the 17th century
What has King James I tell his opinion on? How do other people feel about them? Witches; some believe they are harmless, while others believe that they are a source of evil and must be wiped out.
What is the connection from Macbeth to America? The Salem Witch Trials in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692.
Name 5 Facts about Shakespeare 1) He was born in England2)Nobody knows when he was born for sure but believe to be around April 23.3) Had a son that died4) In 1597 he had written 15 of his 37 plays5) Was believed to die on his birthday
King Duncan is the King of what land? Scotland
Malcolm is whose eldest son? King Duncan’s
Who is Banquot? Macbeth’s best friend and is a captain of the Army
Who is Macbeth? Is a captain in the army
What is a Thane? A title given to soldiers as moving up in rank within the army.
What is the setting for Act 1, Scene 1 The beach
What is going on in Act 1, Scene 1? Witches are putting a spell on Macbeth.
What Materials are used in the spell on Macbeth? A nuse, severed arm holding a dagger, and blood buried in the sand on the beach.
Where is the setting in Act 1, Scene 2? A battlefield camp in Scotland during the war near Forres
What happens in Act 1, Scene 2? King Duncan asks his son, Malcolm, what is going on in the war and is about to explain but then sees a captain who he, Malcolm, thought could explain what is going on better. Scotland was loosing to Norway, but then Macbeth showed up and started fighting and executed MacDonwald.Scotland wins war despite having a traitorMacbeth gets promoted to Thane of Cawdor.
Where does Act 1, Scene 3 take place? Back with the witches
What happens in Scene 3? One of the wiches goes into town and demanded a woman for some of her chestnuts, woman responds “get away from me”, this makes the witch mad, so the witch i going to place a spell on the husband of the woman to where he won’t ever sleep and plans on getting the boat he works on by becoming a rat with no tail.Macbeth and Banquo are walking when they spot the witches.Witches tell Macbeth three things:1) Thane of Glamis- What he is now2) Thanne of Cawdor- What he’s gonna be3) KingMacbeth of course refutes last two because he is not a son of a king nor Thane of Cawdor.Banquo gets a prophecy of his kids and finds out they will be king but he will notBanquo is the more logical and tells Macbeth to be careful because witches will hook you with the truth only to stab you in the back later.Macbeth is having an internal conflict but then resolves it.Receives news about his promotion.
Minion Follower dependent
Corporal Of or relating to the body
Cleave To adhere, cling, or stick to
Harbinger On who foreshadows what is to come
Chastise To punish
Beguile To pass Time
Couriers Messengers

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