Macbeth background

When did shakespeare write this play? in 1605-1606, when he was at the height of his creative powers.
What 2 main theaters did Shakespeare have? The globe theatre and the Black Friars theatre.
What was the globe theatre like? it was a large public theatre on the Thames river.
What was the Black friars theatre like? It was a small private theatre within the city itself where plays could be preformed by artificial light in any kind of weather. cultivated more sophisticated audience.
What was Shakespeare’s acting company The kings men, it was the official royal acting company under sponsorship of King James I of England
Macbeth is an openly __________ play. political, Shakespeare played fast and loose with historical facts in all of his history plays, but none so more than this play.
why could shakespeare be so loose with historical facts because he wrote about something 500 years ago in which most of his audience was unfamiliar
what was shakespeares historical source Holinsheds Chronicles of Scottish history, a loose combination of gossip,tales and fantasies.
shakespeare used _____________ information___________ flawed, selectively
When did the historical Macbeth become King 1040
How did Macbeth kill the somewhat young, incompetent Duncan in real life? He killed him in battle
How long did Macbeth rule 17 years 10(peaceful) 7(upheaval)
What is known about Macbeth and his wife Grunnich? They were pious and endowed in a religious house in st andrews and went on a religious pilgrimage to Rome.
What happened in the dark ages? There was much bloodshed and violence (prior to the Norman-french invasion of England under william the conquerer).
How do Scottish kings normally die unnatural causes
was there a fixed process of succesion no, every male even remotely related to the king had an equal chance
which kings were still to the throne after 200 years after william the conquerer invaded England in 1057. Norman
A succession of English kings and queens tried to extend their power as far north as Scotland, and ____________ was almost constant warfare
Which movie gives us the sense of historical backdrop of this time in history in England and Scotland. Braveheart
Eventually the Scots united under who? Robert the Bruce, to drive out the English
What happened when Robert the Bruce died? His daughter inherited the throne and married a “steward” by trade. Eventually ‘steward’ turned into ‘stuart’ and that is the line that eventually ruled scotland and england.
What happened when Queen Elizabeth had no heirs by her own choice? She named her distant cousin James VI of Scotland as ruler of England, resulting in a dual monarchy .
How many ‘stuart’ kings had sat on the Scottish throne by the time Shakespeare wrote macbeth? 8
What did the monarchs do when they were worried about not having a legitimate claim to the throne? they hired a historian and ordered him to create older more respectable claims to the throne for the stuarts.
What did the historian do? Made up an ancient ancestor named Banquo who lived in the time of Macbeth .
What was the historians story? Banquo was told by a goddess of scottish destiny that his descendants would eventually rule England as well as Scotland.
Besides supporting king James, what else does shakespeare want to say politically in his plays? he wants to support the agenda of uniting England and Scotland under a single kingdom.
What does Shakespeare do in this play he creates and emphasizes the commonalities between the two kingdoms
What is Shakespeare careful not to do show Banquo, the kings mythical ancestor, in a bad light.
What was the other political event which shaped the composition of this play the criminal conspiracy to assassinate James, his family and the protestant leadership of England in the gunpowder plot
When did the event take place november of 1605, when a group of catholic extremist planned to blow up the House of Parlaiment on the occasion of a speech by the king to the parliament.
True or false: The catholics and the protestants typically got along False, there was a long history of hostility between the protestants & caths
was hostility between catholics and protestants worse under Queen Elizabeth yes, even though she did not persecute the catholics as the her sister “bloody mary” had done to the protestants under her rule.
What did the catholics hope about king James? they hope that he will require his subjects to practice catholicism since his mother mary queen of the scotts was devout catholic.
How was James raised in scotland as a child he was raised presbyterian
explain the gunpowder plot a group of catholic militants planned to fill up the basement of parliament with gunpowder and blow it up at a critical moment
how was it figured it out it was figured out at the last minute some say by James himself after having been shown some intercepted messages.
what happened to conspirators they were arrested, tortured, confessed and executed, as this happened more and more information came out about the plot
What did this event do to the country it changed england when she realized how close she came to loosing her head of state and governing body.
what is november 5 known as today Guy Fawkes Day, named after one of the principle conspirators.
how many times had king James had assasination attempts 3
What were some of the conspirators tried as witches—King James considered himself an expert of scottish witches and wrote a book on the topic.
What did shakespeare change the goddesses of scottish destiny that told Banquo his future to in Macbeth witches
Was this the same King James that issued the first translation of the bible into the KJV yes
why did he do this he was not pleased with the geneva version of the bible, which he felt might have some inflammatory comments that might discourage complete obedience to the King.

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