GREED – intense and selfish desire to achieve money, power or status (viewed negatively)
AMBITION the desire and determination to achieve success (viewed positively?)
GUILT a bad feeling caused by knowing or thinking that yu have done something wrong.
WHAT DO PEOPLE DO WHEN THEY FEEL GUILTY? They beat themselves up psychologically that the should have done more or done something differently
HONOR doing the right thing . Example: if MacBeth was honorable, he would have been happy being Thane of Cawdor – title he earned instead of following through with this evil plan to kill Duncan
DO YOU BELIEVE IT’S BETTER TO WAIT FOR SOMETHING TO HAPPEN OR DO YOU FEEL YOU SHOULD MAKE THINGS HAPPEN? It depends on the situation. If you wait for something, it might not happen. Macbeth didn’t wait to become King so he killed Duncan

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