Macbeth and Scottish History

tragedy and historical What types of plays is Macbeth considered?
historical events recounted in Holinshed’s Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland On what did Shakespeare base Macbeth?
1577 When were the Chronicles published?
Duncan was not an old, sage, revered king, but a young and feeble ruler What is the difference between Macbeth’s Duncan and the real Duncan?
In Scotland the throne didn’t automatically pass to a king’s son; Macbeth had a fair claim to the throne Why did Macbeth have a right to be angry when Duncan chose his son as his heir
Banquo Historically, who took Lady Macbeth’s place of being one of the murderers of Duncan?
Yes, Macbeth ruled for 10 years before he was overthrown Historically, was Macbeth successful as king?
the imagined dagger, the porter’s speech, the deception of Macbeth unable to sleep, the banquet with Banquo’s ghost, Lady Macbeth sleepwalking, and Lady Macbeth’s suicide What parts of Macbeth did Shakespeare invent himself?
around 1606 When do most scholars think Macbeth was written?
Scotland When James I became King of England, of which country was he already a king?
Banquo Which character from Macbeth was believed to be an ancestor of James I?
so that James could behold himself as the present-day descendent of Banquo Why did the apparitions hold up a glass mirror to James I when they were preforming the play for him?
Basilikon Doron What did King James write?
the idea that rulers are given the right to reign by God What was the Divine Right of Kings that James supported?
the Divine Right of Kings What ideas are echoed in Macbeth’s discussion of kingship?
as goddesses of destiny, nymphs, or fairies How are the witches described in Holinshed’s Chronicles?
It is a tie to the Wyrd, the goddess of fate in Anglo-Saxon literature Why are the witches called the Weird Sisters?
His audience would be familiar with this lore Why did Shakespeare change the fairy goddesses into had-like crones of witchcraft lore?
yes Did King James believe in witches?
Daemonologie In which book did James write in which he discussed a wide range of supernatural and demonic creatures?
The Newes from Scotland In which pamphlet did King James recount the trial of a group of witches?
how an accused witch Agnes Sampson traveled over the sea and joined with other witches to dance and sing “in one voice” What did James write about in The Newes from Scotland?
Reginald Scot’s The Descoverie of Witchcraft Which skeptical analysis of witchcraft did Shakespeare take details from while writing Macbeth?
Witches had familiars (servants who took the form of animals), could fly, could control the winds, concocted charms and potions out of herbs and demonic ingredients, and cast spells that sickened animals and withered crops What were the common beliefs of witches in Shakespeare’s time?

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