Macbeth and A Christmas Carol

Macbeth Macbeth is a very gullible character. At the beginning of the play Macbeth is lead on by Lady Macbeth in murdering King Duncan. Macbeth does question but is still too weak to do anything and goes through with the murder. Macbeth believes the witches’ prophecies because of him being gullible. He think’s he’s invincible, “None woman born shall harm Macbeth”.
Lady Macbeth Lady Macbeth is not very lady like at all. Lady Macbeth is actually the exact opposite of Macbeth. She is very ambitious, power greedy and evil. Lady Macbeth bullies Macbeth into the murder. She’s very strong! “Infirm of purpose!”. She’s quite mean to Macbeth. But near the end Lady Macbeth becomes mad with guilt over King Duncan and becomes very weak. She eventually kills her self.
King Duncan King Duncan is the poor man who gets murdered by Macbeth because of Lady Macbeth’s horrible plan. King Duncan is friendly, caring and thought of Macbeth as noble. “Noble Macbeth”. King Duncan also has two sons, Malcolm and Donaldbain. King Duncan didn’t deserve to die!
Banquo Banquo is post to be Macbeth’s best friend from the battle he was fighting to protect King Duncan. But Macbeth goes mad over the witches prophecy of Banquo’s son. “Thou wilt get kings, though thou be none”. Banquo also gets murdered by Macbeth. Not actually from Macbeth. From the murderer’s. Banquo was very loyal to Macbeth but when he dies, his ghost haunts Macbeth.
Macduff Macduff finds King Duncan dead. “Oh Horror”. Macduff ends up running away to Malcolm to try and get Malcolm to come back. Macbeth orders murderers to kill everyone who is in Macduff’s castle. Macduff at the end then fights Macbeth and calls him a “Tyrant”. He then kills Macbeth and Malcolm then returns to his rightful place.
Malcolm Malcolm is the rightful heir of the throne but he runs away when he finds out his father King Duncan is dead. Macduff then tries to get Malcolm to return and Malcolm says to Macduff “Dispute it like a man” when they all find out Macduff’s son and wife are dead. Malcolm brings an army what disguise them selves as Dusinane woods and battle Macbeth’s castle. Malcolm then returns to his throne.
Ebenezer Scrooge Scrooge is known as a very bitter, cold, horrible man who only cares about his money and won’t even part with one single penny. Scrooge also hates Christmas a lot. His nephew Fred says merry Christmas to him and scrooge just turns round and says “Bah” “Humbug”. Scrooge has four ghosts visit him. Marley who comes to warn him about what he’s doing is wrong, First ghost which takes him through the past, second ghost which takes him through the present and the third ghost which takes him through the future. After the ghosts, Scrooge changes into a well mannered, friendly old man. He even parts with money and he buys a big turkey for the cratchits.
Tiny Tim Tiny Tim is a young boy who is very ill and might die if scrooge didn’t change his ways. thankfully Tiny Tim lives and gets better. “God bless us everyone”. This is what Tiny Tim says near the end to end the novel.
Ambition Lady Macbeth has a very big ambitious mind which that then leads to murder! King Duncan’s murder.

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