MacBeth Acts 3-4 Vocab

Tyrant (n) An evil ruler or monarch who takes power by force”Doug Zhuo treated his subjects poorly and was known as a tyrant throughout the land.”Synonym: bullyAntonym: Democrat
Avaricious (adj) Greedy”When it came to splitting the money, the father was avaricious in his claims to more than half of it.”Synonym: greedyAntonym: selfless
Lassitude (adj) Feeling of weariness; languor”After practice, the players are always struck with of a spell of lassitude.”Synonym: apathyAntonym: vigor
Pernicious (adj) Causing harm; fatal”Due to his impeccable armor, the attack he received was far from pernicious.”Synonym: nefariousAntonym: good
Ruminate (v) To contemplate or ponder”In order to solve he puzzle, the adventurer had to take time to ruminate.”Synonym: brainstormAntonym: ignore
Hoodwink (v) To deceive or trick”He was hoodwinked out of his cash by that dirty dealer!”Synonym: bamboozleAntonym: help
Verities (n) Something that is true as in a belief, idea, or statement”Many would argue that the verses of the Bible are verities, and many Muslims argue against some points.”Synonym: accuracyAntonym: falsehood
Pious (adj) Not genuinely showing devotion”There were many pious priests with disreputable pasts during the Crusades.”Synonym: devoutAntonym: bad
Abjure (v) To renounce or give up”The king was quick to abjure his prized possession to save his queen.”Synonym: forswearAntonym: Allow
Nefarious (adj) Very wicked or evil”Vagrants and thieves partake in many other nefarious acts besides misdemeanor and thievery.”Synonym: evilAntonym: benevolent
Homage (n) Respect”It is custom to pay homage to the American flag in school every morning.”Synonym: tributeAntonym: disloyal
Desolate (adj) Barren: uninhabited”The desert is nothing but a desolate place.”Synonym: emptyAntonym: bustling
Judicious (adj) Fair; ability to make just decisions”The American Justice System has failed repeatedly in delivering judicious rulings.”Synonym: astuteAntonym: careless
Resolute (adj) Determined, firm”The hero was resolute in his goal to save the village.”Synonym: AdamantAntonym: Afraid
Ratify (v) To confirm by expressing approval”Amendments are ratified to keep up to date with American ideals.”Synonym: approveAntonym: deny
Infirmity (n) A physical weakness or sickness”My friend Chris is currently out of commission due to infirmity.”Synonym: afflictionAntonym: health
Oracle (n) Prophecy”MacBeth’s path was already predicted by oracles.”Synonym: prophecyAntonym: measure
impediment (n) Hindrance, obstacle”Walls make for good impediments for speeding objects.”Synonym: obstructionAntonym: advantage
Mendacious (adj) False, lying”The judge had never had a more mendacious defendant than who stood before him right now. The gall!”Synonym: deceitfulAntonym: frank
Grave (adj) Serious or solemn”The situation was grave enough without this added negative effect.Synonym: dangerousAntonym: serene

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