Macbeth Act V and Shakespeare Notes

What do the doctor and the servant woman discuss? What do they observe? They talk about Lady Macbeth and the gentlewoman says she’s been sleepwalking and saying things that scare the woman. They observe her walking around with a candle in the dark and they see Lady Macbeth acting as if she’s washing her hands (recall that she told Macbeth all they had to do was wash Duncan’s blood of their hands and they’d be golden) and acts like she’s talking to Macbeth saying things about Duncan’s blood and Banquo and Macduff’s wife (everyone she and Macbeth basically killed).
What do they suspect? What does the doctor tell the servant woman to do? The doctor says that Lady Macbeth needs a priest, not a doctor because he suspects that she’s been possessed and that’s why she’s been sleepwalking and saying crazy things. The doctor tells her to remove anything from the room that Lady Macbeth could use to kill herself because he thinks that she might be suicidal.
Why is Macbeth still confident, even as the English army approaches? Macbeth is still confident because the witches told him that no man born to woman can harm him which he thinks is the whole English army. The witches also said that Macbeth would be safe until the trees of Birnam Wood come and attack the castle which is like “when pigs fly”
What does the doctor say to Macbeth about Lady Macbeth? What does Macbeth demand, and how does the Doctor reply? Macbeth asks about Lady Macbeth’s condition and the doctor says that she’s not sick, she has visions that keep her from resting though. Macbeth demands that the doctor cure her of her visions, “cure her of that”. The doctor responds and says that he can’t, Lady Macbeth will have to fix herself, he really can’t do anything.
What does Malcolm tell the army to do as they near Dunsinane? Malcolm tells the army to break branches off of the trees in Birnam Wood and hold the branches in front of them so that Macbeth’s army won’t be able to tell how many men the English army has. This freaks out Macbeth b/c its the woods attacking the castle.
What happens in the fight between Macbeth and Young Siward? What questions does the elder Siward ask when he finds out? YS comes into the room/field and asks who Macbeth is, Macbeth tells him who he is, YS says he hates him and that he’s not afraid of Macbeth. They duel and Macbeth quickly kills YS, Macbeth says he killed him so easily b/c YS was man born to woman. The elder Siward asks if YS’ wounds were on front of him, Ross says yes, which means that YS wasn’t running away, he died fighting bravely.
What news does Macduff have for Macbeth? How goes their battle? Macbeth says that Macduff can’t kill him b/c Macduff is man born to woman. Macduff says he wasn’t man born to woman because his mom died while she was pregnant with him and he came out of her dead body via c-section. So since he was born to corpse, not a woman, he actually can kill Macbeth. Macbeth curses the witches and says he’ll still fight though. Macduff returns later on with Macbeth’s severed head in his hand. The fight was harder than Macbeth and YS’ fight
What was Malcolm’s decree about the Thanes? His decree was that there will be no more thanes (viking word) but rather earls (English word). Same position, different name Viking to EnglishThane to Earl
What do you know about Shakespeare’s early life and his personal life as an adult? -His dad was a middle class glove maker who ran for town alderman-Born in 1590, likely born on April 23rd and died on April 23rd-Married to Anne Hathaway, kids were Hamnet (died at 10 years old), Anne and Judith-Ran away to become an actor before he was 18, wasn’t very good-Patrons were Queen Elizabeth and King James-Likely did not love his wife, but did love his children
What evidence is there that Shakespeare may not have written the plays accredited to him? He would’ve only attended grammar school, and didn’t go to college so he would’ve had to read a lot of books to know geography, history and language like he did. There’s very little actual evidence for him not writing them, had to have everyone in on the secret so likely not true. Elitist theory
What was the name of Shakespeare’s theatre? Describe it briefly. What happened to it? The Globe Theatre opened in 1599 and was where people first saw some of Shakespeare’s well-known plays. It was a large, open playhouse where people paid a penny to stand and two pennies to sit on the balcony. The first one burned to the ground in 1613 when the roof caught on fire during Henry the 8th performance but another one was quickly built the next year
Who did Shakespeare write Macbeth for and what were some ways he modified the story for him? For King James. -Made Banquo (one of James’ ancestors) not in on Macbeth’s plan to kill Duncan. Made him loyal and a good thane. -Gives the English king the ability to heal sick people with a touch and basically all English kings have the ability. -Puts James in the play as a character basically in the apparition. -Says James’ ancestors would rule England and Scotland until the end of time
What did Shakespeare hope would result from his version of Macbeth? Was he successful? He wanted King James to be his patron since Queen Elizabeth died. He made the play short and sucked up to James in it since James didn’t like plays like Elizabeth had. He was successful.
Why is this play often referred to by actors as “The Scottish Play”, rather than by its title? You can’t say “Macbeth” in a theatre unless you’re rehearsing the play b/c a lot of bad things happened during Shakespeare’s first performance such as an actor dying. Superstition, says that if you say “Macbeth”, bad things will happen.
What parts if any of Macbeth are based on actual fact? -They were real people. Macbeth was a king of Scotland, as was Duncan-Banquo was real and in the original myth, he helped Macbeth kill Duncan. Changed for King James-Macbeth was a good king for 17 years-Malcolm and Siward did lead the attack against Macbeth and Scotland-Old myth retold

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