Macbeth Act V

physic medicine, especially a cathartic
mated bewildered/controlled
unrough beardless
taint lose vigour, become weak, wither
epicures pleasure-seeker, glutton
dismal treatise disastrous, calamitous, devastating
wrack destruction, ruin
bruited report, announce, proclaim
intrenchant uncuttable, incapable of being gashed
How long has Lady Macbeth been sleepwalking? Since Macbeth went to battle
Why does Lady Macbeth command a light be “by her continually”? She is afraid of the dark because all bad things happen in the dark (death)
What does Lady Macbeth reveal or talk about in her sleep speeches? The murder of Banquo, the night of Duncan’s murder, and the murder of Macduff’s wife
What will cure Lady Macbeth’s condition? Confessing and getting rid of guilt through confession
Who leads the English forces against Macbeth? Siward, Macduff, and Malcolm
In scene 2, lines 20-22, please explain the reference to clothing. Macbeth’s clothes don’t fit because his is not fit to be the king.
What loyalties do his troops have for Macbeth? They’re not very loyal to him, they’re just there because they are commanded to be.
What 2 apparitions does Macbeth put his complete faith in? The thing he puts the most faith in is the “No man born of woman can kill Macbeth” but he also has strong faith in “Until Birnam wood moves to Dunsinane hill he shall not be defeated.”
What is the count of the English forces? 10,000
What is Macbeth putting with Seyton’s help that really isn’t necessary yet? Armor
What is “Scotland’s disease”? Macbeth
How does Birnam Wood move to Dunsinane Hill? They are covering themselves up with branches of the trees from Birnam Wood and moving to Dunsinane Hill with them
What happens to Lady Macbeth? She commits suicide
What is Macbeth’s reaction to this event? He is sad but he doesn’t have time to mourn because he is in war
Why does Macbeth begin to doubt the truth of the apparitions? Because the Birnam wood is moving to Dunsinane by the soldiers
Who does Macbeth face first in battle? The Young Siward
Why was Macbeth able to defeat this opponent? The Young Siward was born of woman; anyone born of woman shall not harm Macbeth
Why is Macduff searching for Macbeth? He doesn’t want to kill anyone that didn’t hurt his family or do anything wrong
Siward reports a change in the allegiance of the soldiers. What is happening and why? They are getting beaten so badly and being attacked from both sides that some soldiers have stopped fighting for Macbeth and begin fighting for Malcolm
How is the battle progressing? Quickly: Macbeth was getting beaten so badly that his soldiers switched sides
Macbeth says he bears a “charmed life.” Upon what is he basing this statement? He is basing it off of what the witches have told him
How is the remaining apparition’s statement an equivocation? Macduff was taken from his mother’s womb (c-section), so even though he is alive, he was not born
Why won’t Macbeth yield? He thinks that nothing can hurt him because of the prophecies
Who tells Siward of his son’s death? Ross
Why does Siward want to know where his son’s injuries were? So he can tell if he died like a true soldier or if he was trying to run away from battle. He knew that since the injuries were on his front that he died nobly
What does Macduff present to Malcolm? Macbeth’s head
Malcolm presents his thane with what new title? Earles
The invitation to see Malcolm crowned at Scone is a disguised invitation to the audience. What invitation is being offered? An invitation to the audience to have a “meet and greet” at the pub next door, so that they can eat, drink and talk about the show

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