Macbeth Act V

What do the Doctor and the servant woman observe? What does the Doctor tell the servant woman to do? Lady Macbeth sleepwalking; protect her
Why is Macbeth still confident, even as the English army approaches? he believes the prophecies
What does Malcolm tell the army to do, as they near Dunsinane? Cut down and carry a tree branch
What happens in the fight between Macbeth and young Siward? What question does the elder Siward ask, when he finds out? Macbeth kills young Siward easily; where young Siward was wounded
What news does Macduff have for Macbeth? How goes their battle? That Macduff was not “born of woman”; Macduff kills Macbeth after a difficult battle
For whom did Shakespeare write Macbeth? Give 3 examples of how he modified the story to appeal to this person? King James; he modified it by making it shorter, saying that King James will have a long line of descendants, and giving him the power of a healing touch
Shakespeare’s father was a wealthy land owner, Shakespeare attended grammar school before attending university, and he was happily married. Are these statements all true, the second clause is false, the third clause is false or its mostly false? its mostly false
What parts, if any, of the story are based in verifiable fact, as mentioned in class? Duncan, Macbeth, and James were Scottish kings and Scottish kings were crowned at Scone
What was the name of Shakespeare’s theater? describe it briefly. What happened to it? Shakespeare’s theater was Globe and it has 3 balconies and 20 sides. The wealthy sat on the balconies and the peasants stood on the floor that was covered in hay and he had a cannon in a performance that caused it to catch on fire
What evidence is there that Shakespeare may not have written the plays accredited to him? very little evidence that is mostly weak

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