Macbeth Act IV-V

the crowned child carrying a tree said Macbeth will not be vanquished until Birnam Wood marches to Dunsinane
Ross said Macbeth had killed Macduff’s family
the bloody child said no man born of woman will harm Macbeth
the armed head said beware of Macduff
Banquo’s ghost said the eight ghostly kings are Banquo’s offspring
Duncan’s bloodstain “damned spot”
the gentlewoman refuses to tell the doctor what Lady Macbeth says in her “sleep” because she has no witness to confirm her words
Lady Macduff’s last chance to escape an anonymous messenger warns her to flee
Macbeth orders the doctor to cure Lady Macbeth
Macbeth’s reaction to Lady Macbeth’s death life is meaningless
Malcolm and Macduff are no threat to Macbeth because he thinks they are both “of woman born”
Macduff vows to kill Macbeth because he must avenge his family member’s murders
Malcolm pretends to be evil to determine Macduff’s loyalty
Malcolm urges Macduff to get angry about his family’s deaths
Macbeth decides to kill Macduff when he hears no one born of a woman will harm him
Scotland’s new and lawful king Malcolm
the witches and apparitions deceived Macbeth
the witches call upon the apparitions to answer most of Macbeth’s questions

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