Macbeth act IV quiz

After Macbeth’s experience with the three apparitions in Scene 1, how is he feeling? Confident that no one can harm him
True or false, the show of eight kings indicates that all of these kings with rule over England, Scotland, and Ireland False
What is the purpose of the passage attributing the ability to cure scrofula to the English king? To please King John the 1st
Why doe Lady Macduff call her husband a traitor? He left his family
True or false, Lady Macduff responds to her son’s questions and statements with gentle sadness True
What is Macduff’s son’s reasons for claiming that traitors are fools? There are enough traitors to hang the non-traitors
What is Malcolm’s purpose behind lying about reasons he is unworthy to be king in his conversation with Macduff? It was a test to see if he loves his country
True or false, in response to finding out about his family being slaughtered, Macduff expresses rage and resentment toward Heaven, Macbeth, and himself True
True or false, additionaly, after the news of his family’s massacre, Macduff expresses an intention of suicide False
What three things do the apparitions of Scene 1 tell Macbeth Not harmed by a born woman, beware Macduff, forest uprises itself
True or false, in her anger resulting from the news her husband has left Scotland, Lady Macduff accuses Macduff of betrayal, cowardice, and not loving his family. True
What does Macduff claim is something he must feel after finding out about his family’s murder? Grief for his family
What does Macbeth mean when he comments that “from this moment/ the very firstlings of my heart shall be/ the firstlings of my hand”? Acting on impulse
True or false, Macbeth’s second meeting with the witches differs from the first time he met them because the witches fear Macbeth in their second meeting. False
Why did Ross lie to Macduff at first about how his family was doing? Afterward, what prompts Ross to confess the truth to Macduff? Truth would be hurtful, planning to come back to Scotland
What effect was the murder of Lady Macduff and her children intended to have on the play’s audience? How might the audience’s feelings about Macbeth have changed from the opening of the play until now? What is the cause of these new feelings? Sadness, nasty man, bruetal
How has Macbeth’s situation changed since the first time he met with the witches? How has his moral character deteriorated? He’s an evil man now, he’s a bad boy.
Do you think the witches are in any way the cause any of these changes in Macbeth’s life? Explain your reasoning, Yes, because they’re evil
In Scene 2, both the murderer and Lady Macduff herself call Macduff a traitor. In what sense does each mean it Do you think Macduff is a traitor in either sense? Why or why not? Abandand family, traitor to Macbeth. Nope, he was gunna die. Yup, Macbeth is a nasty boy.
How would you characterize Lady Macduff and her son? Lady Macduff likes family, son is witty, curious
In Scene 3, Malcolm deliberately lies to Macduff. What does this behavior, and the reason for it, reveal about Malcolm? Cares about Scotland
In Scene 3, Malcolm and Macduff condemn the the chaos that Macbeth’s rule has brought to Scotland, as if Macbeth’s disorder has become Scotland’s. Does that happen today — does the weakness or the evil of a nation’s leader become that of a nation itself? Explain your response. Yes, people with power represent a nation. Whether it be good or bad, it depends. An evil leader doesn’t mean the nations evil, just has a follower problem. If people are suffering, they will do anything to try to regain traction. Look at WW2.
Do you think the murder of Macduff’s small son might have been better to have been reported after the fact than the carnage being shown onstage? What would be lost by this change? On the other hand, what would be gained by it? Nope, he would’ve died anyway because he’s too smart. He would lose his life. He would gain some respect as a decent human.

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