Macbeth Act IV

In what ways does banquos opening soliloqy show that he is a threat to macbeth Because banquos phrophecy was his sons will be king. Banquo suspects macbeth was involved in killing duncan
Paraphrase macbeths soliloquy All he is saying he can’t trust banquo. They’ll kill him like Duncan to be king. Banquo knows about the prophecy
What assumptions underline macbeths fears Banquo and his kids are going to kill him in order to get the throne . Also knows he killed Duncan
Given banquos earlier soliloquy to what extent do you feel his fears are justified Macbeth is paranoid
Why is it interesting that Macbeth employs professional cut throats to kill banquo He doesn’t think that guilt will be as big and he’s got more eyes on him now he’s king
In what ways has Macbeth changed since the murder Is more controlled, no longer hesitates doing bad things, more paranoid
In many ways the roles of Macbeth and lady Macbeth have been reversed. Show how their relationship has altered. Pay particular attention to the way the fair is foul theme is used to emphasis this change Macbeth is the one planning everything now he’s more in control
In many of his plays Shakespeare uses ghosts. However usually the ghost is seen by a number of characters. What does the fact that only Macbeth can see his ghost suggest about the nature of the ghost It’s an internal conflict. hallucinations
How does let Macbeth respond to his”fit” She tries to cover up and say he is sick from his childhood
Once again there is a shift in their relationship. Explain the shift He’s acting crazy and she’s in control
How does Macbeth explain his strange fit He says he’s sick
“We have scorched the snake not killed it” Killed time but need more
“Ere we will eat our mea in fear and deep in the affliction of these terrible dream” Eat deep and live in fear and have nightmare
“Better be dead” They should be dead and be in peace
“Than on the torture of the mind to lie in restless ecstasy” Spend every min worrying better off be dead
Why do you think Macbeth decides to visit the witches again
Read hectares speech closet. She is the queen of witches what does she suggest about the witches plan for macbrth
In many productions this scenes is left out what effect does leaving the Scene out have on our understating of the role of the witches in determining macbeths actiosn
Science six provides us with an insight into macbeths reign and the way in which he is viewed by the thanes briefly describe these views

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