Macbeth act iii motif/literary device

Thou hast it now—king, Cawdor, Glamis, all as the Weïrd Women promised, and I fear thou played’st most foully for it. Yet it was said it should not stand in posterity, but that myself should be the root and father of many kings. Apostrophe, planting motif
To be this is nothing, but to be safely thus. Our fears in Banquo stick deep, and in his royalty of nature reigns that which would be feared. ‘It’s much he dares, and to that dauntless temper of his mind he hath a wisdom that doth guide his valor to act in safety. Foil character, characterization
Well then, now have you considered of my speeches? Know that it was he, in the time past, which held you so under fortune, which you thought had been our innocent self. Fair is foul motif/deception
I will advise you where to plant yourselves, acquaint you with the perfect spy of the time, the moment on it, for it must be done tonight and something from the palace; always thought that I require a clearness and with him (to leave no rubs nor botches in the work). Fleance, his son, that keeps him in company, whose absence is no less material to me than is his father’s, must embrace the fate of that dark hour. Resolve yourselves apart. I’ll come to you anon. Macbeth’s corruption of duncan’s planting motif
Naught’s had, all’s spent, where our desire is got without content. ‘It’s safer to be that which we destroy than by destruction dwell in doubtful joy. Oxymoron, lady macbeth tired—>sleeplessness—>witches
Thou marvel’st at my words, but hold thee still. Things bad begun make strong themselves by ill. So prithee go with me. Sickness motif
Thanks for that. There the grown serpent lies. The worm that’s fled hath nature that in time will venom breed, no teeth for the present. Get thee gone. Tomorrow we’ll hear ourselves again. Sickness motif, metaphor—comparing banquo and fleance to snakes
Sit worthy friends. My lord is often thus and hath been from his youth. Pray you, keep seat. This fit is momentary; upon a thought he will again be well. If much you note him you shall offend him and extend his passion. Sickness motif, fair is foul
I do forget. Do not miss at me, my most worthy friends. I have a strange infirmity, which is nothing to those that know me. Sickness motif, fair is foul
For mine own good, all causes shall give way. I am in blood stepped so far that, should I wade no more, retuning were as tedious as going over. Turning point—no more planning, no more trying to be a good king; he is stuck amd it is all about him now
The gracious Duncan was pitied of Macbeth; marry, he was dead. And the right valiant Banquo walked too late, whom you may say if it please you, Fleance killed, for Fleance fled. Verbal irony—means opposite of what is said

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