Macbeth Act II Quiz

What is Mabeth’s lie to Banquo about the witches’ prediction M. is lying about not thinking about the witches
What is the signal L.M. is to give to M. to let him know that she has taken care of the guards L.M. rings a bell to signal M. to go kill Duncan
What excuse does L.M. give for not killing K. Duncan herself L.M. doesn’t kill Duncan herself because he resembles her father
After M. kills Duncan, he goes to L.M. and is concerned about not being able to say “Amen.” What is her advice to him? L.M. tells M. to stop thinking about not being able to say “Amen”
M. is worried about hearing a voice saying, “Macbeth does murder sleep.” What does L.M. tell him to do? L.M. tells M. to get cleaned of the blood
Why won’t M. take the daggers back to the scene of the crime? M. can’t go back to put the daggers back because he can’t look at Duncan again.
Who is knocking> Macduff and Lennox were knocking
What three things does drinking provoke? Nose painting, sleep, and urine
How does Lennox describe the night, and what is M.’s response? Lennox describes the night as unruly, windy, and strange screams of death, M. responds with ” ‘Twas a rough night.”
What did Macduff discover? Macduff discovers the King’s bloody body
Macduff says, “Oh, gentle lady, ‘Tis not for you to hear what I can speak. The repetition in a woman’s ear, Would murder as it fell.” What is ironic about that? L.M. was part if the killing of the King
What excuse or explanation did M. give for killing the guards? What is his real reason? M. ‘s excuse for killing the guards was that they killed the King that he loved dearly so they deserved to die. His real reason was because they might have talked and said that Macbeth killed Duncan.
Why do Malcolm and Donalbain leave? They are afraid for their lives so Malcolm goes to England and Donalbain goes to Ireland
Why does Ross not believe Malcolm and Donalbain were responsible for Duncan’s murder? Ross doesn’t believe that Duncan’s children did it because it is against Nature.
Palpable Easily perceived
Appalls Fills with dismay
Carousing Drunken merrymaking
Equivocates Avoids making an explicit statement
Scruples Conscience; Morals
Suborned Induced to commit an unlawful act

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