Macbeth Act II and II

who is fleance banquo’s son
meaning of “the moon is down. I don’t see the clock” and who said fleance to banquonight is constant
“I would not sleep. Merciful powers, Restrain in me the cursed thoughts that nature gives way to in repose” meaning and who? can’t sleep from stress and worry banquo to fleance
“a friend” who and what literary device and what theme macbeth to banquoirony since he doesn’t trust ban quo appearance vs. reality
“He hath been in unusual pleasure” what device and who situational and dramatic irony. banquo to macbeth
“I think not of them” who and what theme macbeth to banquoappearance vs reality since a lit
“so I lose none in seeking to augment it, but still keep my bosom franchised and allegiance clear, I shall be counselled” who and what meaning banquo to macbethI’ll do whatever you say, as long as I can do it with a clear conscience makes banquo seem like a threat to macbeth
“Is this a dagger which I see before me, the handle toward my hand? come, let me clutch thee” who and what meaning and what theme macbeth to himself/daggereffects of guilt on the mindsupernaturalnot real he is going crazy
where can you see the power of evil? the dagger, witches, murder
what is macbeth’s pep talk he is telling himself that there is a lot of evil going on and he is just participating in it. to convince himself to kill the king
“words to the heat of deeds too cold breath gives” who and what device and meaning macbeth to himselfthe more i talk, the more my courage coolstalking is helping him build courageparadox
bell is a ___ motif for a big event or change or awake
“that summons thee to heaven or to hell” macbeth to himselfmotif
“I have drugged their possets, that death and nature do contend about them, whether they live or die” who and meaning lady macbeth to herselfshe drugged the servants so much that they can’t tell if they are dead or alive
why didn’t lady macbeth kill duncan and what theme when he was sleeping, he looked like her dadeffects of guilt on the mind
lady macbeth’s plan and what goes wrong drug the servants and leave dagger for macbeth to kill. he is suppose to leave the daggers to frame the servants. macbeth takes the bloody daggers with him
“I heard the owl scream and the crickets cry” who and meaning lady macbeth to macbethdisrupt natural order
who are malcolm and donalbain duncan’s sons
“But wherefore could I not pronounce ‘Amen’? I had most need of blessing and ‘Amen’ stuck in my throat” who and what theme and meaning effects of guilt on the mindmacbeth to lady macbethhe thinks the servants’ words are a sign from god
metaphor: sleep to ____ death
“Infirm of purpose! Give me the daggers. The sleeping and the dead are but as pictures. ‘Tis the eye of childhood that fears a painted devil. If he do bleed, I’ll gild the faces of the grooms withal, for it must seem their guilt” who and what meaning lady macbeth to macbethhe messed up the plan, death and sleeping are the same and they can’t hurt yougender role reversals
“will all great neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from my hand?” who and what device and meaning macbeth to himselfhyperbole and personificationappearance vs reality
water theme appearance vs realitywash off all on surface but not really gone
clothing theme appearance vs realitycover up
what is a double entendre? multiple meaning equivocation
purpose of the porter, how he talks, why comedic relieffree verse or proswalking disorder, drunk, irony
motif that porter uses a lot of heaven and hell
“Knock, knock! Who’s there, in the other devil’s name? Faith, here’s an equivocator that could swear in both the scales against either scale, who committed treason enough for God’s sake, yet could not equivocate to heaven. O, come in, equivocator.” who and what meaning porter to himself2 faced= macbeth
who are macduff and lennox duncan’s servants
motif of three light; spiritual awareness and unity (cf. The Holy Trinity); the male principle.
“Marry, sir, nose-painting, sleep, and urine. Lechery, sir, it provokes and unprovokes. It provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance. Therefore, much drink may be said to be an equivocator with lechery. It makes him, and it mars him; it sets him on, and it takes him off; it persuades him, and disheartens him; makes him stand to and not stand to; in conclusion, equivocates him in a sleep, and, giving him the lie, leaves him.” who and meaning porter to macduff and lennoxabout them getting drunkcontradictory
“I know this is a joyful trouble to you, but yet ’tis one.” what device and who and meaning macduff to macbethking at the houseoxymoron and ironic since murder and good
“The night has been unruly. Where we lay,Our chimneys were blown down and, as they say,Lamentings heard i’ th’ air, strange screams of death,And prophesying with accents terribleOf dire combustion and confused eventsNew hatched to the woeful time. The obscure birdClamored the livelong night. Some say the EarthWas feverous and did shake.” who and meanings lennox to macbethstormingforeshadowing: deathowl/bird motif: obscure bird
“twas a rough night” who and what device understatement macbeth to lennox
“Confusion now hath made his masterpiece.Most sacrilegious murder hath broke opeThe Lord’s anointed temple, and stole thenceThe life o’ th’ building!” who and what device and meaning macduff to lennox and macbethbiblical allusionduncan seen as christ like makes the guilt increasecompares duncan’s corpse to a church that has been broken into
“shake off this downy sleep, death’s counterfeit, and look on death itself” who and meaning compare death and sleepmacduff to everyone??telling of duncan’s death
“Had I but died an hour before this chance,I had lived a blessèd time, for from this instantThere’s nothing serious in mortality.All is but toys. Renown and grace is dead.The wine of life is drawn, and the mere leesIs left this vault to brag of.” who and what meaning all lies covering up for murdermacbeth to everyone (lennox, ross, banquo, lady macbeth, macduff)
“Oh, yet I do repent me of my fury,That I did kill them.” who and meaning macbeth to lennox??/everyone??”out of fury” to seem like upset about duncancover up murder with more murder
“Who can be wise, amazed, temp’rate, and furious,Loyal and neutral, in a moment?” who and what device macbeth to macduffparadoxrage and love for duncan led to murder
“What should be spoken here, where our fate,Hid in an auger-hole, may rush and seize us?Let’s away. Our tears are not yet brewed.” who and meaning and theme donalbain to malcolmfate vs. free will think they are going to be murdered and not going to wait around “let’s go”
“Our separated fortuneShall keep us both the safer. Where we are,There’s daggers in men’s smiles. The near in blood,The nearer bloody.” who and meaning and theme appearance vs reality (daggers)people closest to them are the traitorsdonalbain to malcolmpeople are faking that they care about the death but they really just care about the throne
who is ross servant
” dark night strangles the travelling lamp.Is ‘t night’s predominance or the day’s shameThat darkness does the face of Earth entombWhen living light should kiss it?” who and meaning ross to old maneven when it is light outside, it is darkno light:purity outside????????unnatural
“A falcon, tow’ring in her pride of place,Was by a mousing owl hawked at and killed.” who and meaning old man to rossagainst natural orderbird motifowl killed hawk
“they were suborned.Malcolm and Donalbain, the king’s two sons,Are stol’n away and fled, which puts upon themSuspicion of the deed.” who and meaning macduff to rossthe sons were accused since they fled so soon and without saying anything
“‘Gainst nature still!Thriftless ambition, that will raven upThine own lives’ means! Then ’tis most likeThe sovereignty will fall upon Macbeth.” who and meaning against natural ordermacbeth will be kingross to macduff
the end of act 2 major event and decision the king’s sons are accused since they fled
the end of act 2 is the _____ of the play. explain rising actionking killedmurderer unknownmacbeth will become kingsons suspiciousrole reversal with lady macbeth
what are banquo’s concerns about macbeth and the prophecy he thinks that he cheated to get the throne that it is coming true but he doesn’t want anything to do with the throne
what is macbeth’s manner in questioning banquo? what questions does macbeth ask banquo? macbeth wants to get rid of them since they question his rule. he asks where he is going, if his son is going with him, and how long he will be gone. he has been missing so there is tension between the two
what concerns does macbeth have about the witches’ prophecy, banquo, and banquo’s sons” he doesn’t want banquo’s sons to be kings. he thinks banquo made the witches give him a prophecy. he killed people for others to benefit
“thou played’st most foully for it” who and meaning banquo to macbethhe cheated to get the throne
according to macbeth, why is banquo the murderers’ enemy? he made their lives bad and hard. he was in charge of the servants and didn’t give them a lot. he put their families in poverty
“I’ve ruined my own peace for their benefit” who and meaning macbeth to himselfhe did the hard killing for others to benefit. it was a waste
“banquo was your enemy” who macbeth ot murderers
“for certain friends that are both his and mine.” who and meaning macbeth to murders he can’t kill banquo since they are best friends. this is why he needs to set up someone else to murder him
what seems to be the murderers’ primary reason for agreeing to kill banquo and fleance? macbeth convinces them that banquo and his family make them poor. they think that getting rid of them will help make their lives better. he put them in jail making them lose everything and their families. now out of jail, they are alone and mad. they want to manipulate fate
“KnowThat it was he, in the times past, which held youSo under fortune, which you thought had beenOur innocent self.” who and meaning macbeth to murdersbanquo is why you are suffering not me
how have macbeth, lady macbeth, and their relationship changed since the murder of duncan? it changed from lady macbeth planning everything to macbeth doing things. it is back to the natural order. he is acting more manly, and he is convincing her
“And with him—To leave no rubs nor botches in the work—Fleance, his son, that keeps him company,Whose absence is no less material to meThan is his father’s, must embrace the fateOf that dark hour. ” who and meaning macbeth to murderersfleance has to die too since he will gain the throne. his death is just as important
“Better be with the dead,Whom we, to gain our peace, have sent to peace,Than on the torture of the mind to lieIn restless ecstasy.” who and theme macbeth to lady macbetheffects of guilt on the mind
“sleek o’er your rugged looks” who and theme lady macbeth to macbethappearance vs reality
“So shall I, love,And so, I pray, be you. Let your remembranceApply to Banquo; present him eminence,Both with eye and tongue: unsafe the while that weMust lave our honors in these flattering streams,And make our faces vizards to our hearts,Disguising what they are.” who and meaning and theme macbeth to lady macbethappearance vs realityfake it to banquo until he can be killed
“Things bad begun make strong themselves by ill.” who and meaning and theme macbeth to lady macbetheffects of guilt on the mindbad things cause you to do more bad thingsforeshadowing
big action in scene three of act three banquo is killed but fleance gets away
how does macbeth react when he sees banquo’s ghost? he tries to blame the servants in order to take away the guilt. at the very beginning he doesn’t think it is real
how does lady macbeth try to cover-up or excuse macbeth’s reaction? she tells the guests to ignore macbeth because he is just having a fit and he is sick and he will get well soon
“Thou canst not say I did it. Never shakeThy gory locks at me.” who and meaning and theme macbeth to ghosteffects of guilt on the mindhe is trying to deny his evolvement in the murder
“the fit is momentary; upon a thought he will again be well.” who and meaning lady macbeth to guests (ross, lennox, and lords)excuse for his reaction. he is just sick but will be back to normal soon
“are you a man” who and meaning lady macbeth to macbeth questions his manhood because of his reaction to banquo’s ghost
how does lady macbeth criticize macbeth when she addresses him privately? she questions his manliness since he is acting childish and scared of the ghost
what becomes clear to macbeth’s guests? something is wrong with macbeth. macduff didn’t come to him showing that they don’t want to be around him
what comments does macbeth make to lady macbeth about macduff and the weird sisters? he says he is going to see the sisters to learn more about the prophecy. he says that macduff refuses to see him and he doesn’t know why
“I am in bloodStepped in so far that, should I wade no more,Returning were as tedious as go over.” who and meaning macbeth to lady macbethhe has killed so many people that he has to continue to kill to cover up everything else. it would be nearly impossible for him to stop since he would be caught or taken over
not the authorship regarding scene 5 act 3. also note the meter change and the song-like quality of hecate’s speech predict that MacBeth will believe himself safe and that will lead to his downfall. she speaks in couplets: two consecutive rhyming lines. she speaks in trochaic rhyming couplets
who is hecate? what does she want? she gives the witches their power. she wants to be the one to do all evil things and give prophecies. she wants to trick macbeth with illusions and confidence to lead to his downfall. she feels left out and under appreciated
“And you all know, securityIs mortals’ chiefest enemy.” who and meaning hecate to witchesAs you all know, overconfidence is man’s greatest enemy.when someone is sure that he/she is safe, it makes them confident and relaxed. this leaved more room for bad things to happen.
what is lennox’s attitude toward the murders of duncan and banquo lennox believes that macbeth planned the murders of duncan and banquo. he doesn’t believe that the sons killed them.
where are malcolm and macduff? why? they are at king edward’s court to try to form an alliance with northumberland and siward to go against macbeth. they went to make an alliance to restore order to scotland >> macbeth is preparing for war
“My genius is rebuked, as it is said Mark Antony’s was by caesar” who and meaning and device macbeth to himselfallusion: compare himself to caesar who was killed by his best friend mark antony
“upon my head they placed a fruitless crown” who and meanign macbeth to himselfhe can’t pass down the crown so its worthless. upset since he did all this for banquo’s sns
“mine eternal jewel given to the common enemy of man” who and meaning macbeth to himselfive handed my soul to the devilhe has turned evil
“come fate into the list, and champion me to th’ utterance.” who and meaning and theme macbeth to himselffate vs free willhe wants to manipulate his fate
“who wear our health but sickly in his life” who and device and meaning paradoxi will be healthy when banquo is deadmacbeth to murderers
“things without all remedy should be done without regard. what’s done is done” who and meaning lady macbeth to macbethshe in convincing herself and macbeth that they can’t undone what they have done. they need to move on
“Naught’s had, all’s spent,Where our desire is got without content.’Tis safer to be that which we destroyThan by destruction dwell in doubtful joy.” who and what device and meaning and theme lady macbeth to herselfguilts effects on the mind2 coupletsbetter to die than be full with anxiety
” Duncan is in his grave.After life’s fitful fever he sleeps well.” who and meaning and motif macbeth to lady macbeth out of natural order: wishing for sleep like duncan who is dead
“Let your remembranceApply to Banquo; present him eminence,Both with eye and tongue: unsafe the while that weMust lave our honors in these flattering streams,And make our faces vizards to our hearts,Disguising what they are.” who and theme macbeth to lady macbethappearance vs realityfool banquo into thinking we like him but we will kill him
“Oh, full of scorpions is my mind, dear wife!” who and what macbeth to lady macbethmetaphor: he is going crazy and evil
“Come, seeling night,Scarf up the tender eye of pitiful day” who and meaning and motif macbeth to lady macbeth/ nightasking for darkness to cover up the murderthird call for darkness
“Good things of day begin to droop and drowse;Whiles night’s black agents to their preys do rouse.Thou marvel’st at my words: but hold thee still.Things bad begun make strong themselves by ill.” who and meaning and device 2 coupletsmacbeth to lady macbethThe gentle creatures of the day are falling asleep, while night’s predators are waking up to look for their prey.You seem surprised at my words, but don’t question me yet. Bad deeds force you to commit more bad deeds.
scene three is full of this motif light vs dark imagery
“who did strike out the light” who and meaning third murder to other murderersbanquo represents the light. who killed him
“we have lost best half of our faith” who and meaning fleance fled and he is the son that the prophecy speaks ofsecond to other murderers
scene four is full of this motif order vs disorder
“then comes my fit again” who and meaning macbeth to first murdererhe is nervous and mad again and he is afraid that he can’t control it
“there the grown serpent lies” who and meaning and device macbeth to first murdererirony — macbeth is the real evil onehe is saying that banquo is the evil one to try to convince himself
“were the graced person of our banquo present” who and device and meanign macbeth to lords/ everyone (lady macbeth, ross, lennox, lords)dramatic irony since macbeth killed banquo and the ghost of banquo just enteredhe is trying to pretend to miss him
“which of you have done this” who and meaning macbeth to everyonehe finally sees the ghost and is scared and confused
“this is the very painting of your fear” who lady macbeth to macbeththis is just your common fear illusions
” How say you?Why, what care I? If thou canst nod, speak too.If charnel houses and our graves must sendThose that we bury back, our monumentsShall be the maws of kites.” who and meaning macbeth screaming at an empty chairhe is freaking out and trying to not be guiltyWhat do you have to say? What do I care? If you can nod, then speak too. If the dead are going to return from their graves, then there’s nothing to stop the birds from eating the bodies. So there’s no point in our burying people.
“a kind good night to all” who and meaning and motif lady macbeth to everyoneout of ordereveryone just hurry and leave since macbeth is going crazy
“strange things i have in head, that will to hand, which must be acted ere they may be scanned” who and device and meanign macbeth to lady macbethdichotomy of power and guiltI have walked so far into this river of blood that even if I stopped now, it would be as hard to go back to being good as it is to keep killing people. I have some schemes in my head that I’m planning to put into action. I have to do these things before I have a chance to think about them.
“Come, we’ll to sleep. My strange and self-abuseIs the initiate fear that wants hard use.We are yet but young in deed.” who and meaning macbeth to lady macbethwe are new to evil and that’s why all of this is happening to us
what is the pit of acheron? river in hates
“as by the strength of their illusion” who and meaning hecate to the witchescould it all be illusions?are the prophecies fake? are they something else?
“he shall spurn fate, scorn death, and bear his hopes ‘bove wisdom, grace, and fear.” who and meaning and theme hecate to witchesfate vs free willhe thinks he can control fate and he will be tricked
what is scene 6 full of sarcasm and verbal irony
“you may say, if ‘t please you, Fleance killed,For Fleance fled. Men must not walk too late.” who and meaning lennox to lordsarcasm that they should just blame fleance since he fled and that’s what they did to duncan’s sons and that men deserve to die if they walk late at night
act 3 is the ___ of the play and why CLIMAX-banquo dies-macbeth loses control and mind-start to question macbeth-war is starting-macbeth takes over and becomes king-witches meet with macbeth to talk about prophecy and who controls the fate

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