Macbeth ACT II

entreat Part of Speech: VerbDefinition: To ask for or request earnestly; to beg or imploreContext: The poor man entreated his friends to allow him to borrow money from them.
palpable Part of Speech: AdjectiveDefinition: Capable of being perceived by the senses or the mind; tangibleContext: The tension in the room was palpable as we waited for our tests results.
surfeited Part of Speech: AdjectiveDefinition: fed or indulged beyond capacity or desireContext: The students were surfeited with speech after speech at the 12-hour long school elections.
infirm Part of Speech: AdjectiveDefinition: Lacking firmness of will or character or purpose; weak or feebleContext: Because Adam was infirm of purpose, his parents made most of his decisions for his future.
carousing Part of Speech: VerbDefinition: to engage in drunken revel; to drink deeply or frequently; engaging in boisterous, drunken merrymakingContext: The fraternity brothers, who were carousing all last night and into the early morning, had terrible hangovers.
disheartens Part of Speech: VerbDefinition: To cause someone to lose determination or confidence; to discourageContext: The news that Evan did poorly on the SAT disheartened him from applying to his dream colleges.
sacrilegious Part of Speech: AdjectiveDefinition: Disrespectful or irreverent toward something sacredContext: His stealing of the altar cloth was a very sacrilegious act.
amiss Part of Speech: AdverbDefinition: In an imperfect or faulty wayContext: We all knew that something had gone amiss when Amy did not arrive to her own birthday party.
unmannerly Part of Speech: AdjectiveDefinition: Socially incorrect in behavior; impolite or coarseContext: I thought Jerry was very unmannerly when he chewed his meal with his mouth open.
pretense Part of Speech: NounDefinition: The act of giving a false appearanceContext: Though he actually wanted to use his parents’ car to go on a date, Nick borrowed his parents’ car under the pretense of attending a group study session.

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