Macbeth Act I vocabulary & literary terms

valor n. marked courage or braverysyn. courage, braveryant. cowardiceMacbeth’s valor in battle was unsurpassed.
treason n. betrayals of one’s country or oath of loyaltysyn. betrayal, treacheryant. Loyalty”Acts of betrayal against the king are treason!” cried the general.
imperial adj. of an empire; having supreme authoritysyn. royal, powerfulant. SubmissiveKing Duncan is the imperial ruler of Scotland.
liege n. lord or kingsyn. authority, kingant. Peasant”I bring news of the battle, my liege ,” the messenger whispered to the king.
sovereign adj. supreme in power, rank, or authoritysyn. supremeant. InsignificantMacbeth’s sovereign virtues have impressed the king.
Elizabethan drama written in unrhymed verse, contains rich language and vivid imagery, and depends on words to set a scene.
tradegies plays in which disaster befalls a hero or heroine
text aids stage directions and notes to clarify the reading of drama
soliloquy In a play, a soliloquy is a long speech, usually made by a character who is alone and thus reveals private thoughts and feelings to the audience, but not to other characters. In Elizabethan drama, tragic characters reveal secret desires or troubling fears through their soliloquies.

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