Macbeth Act I Reading Questions (scenes 5-7)

sc5: What is Lady Macbeth doing at the beginning of this scene? reading a letter from Macbeth
sc5: What is Lady Macbeth afraid stands in her way of Macbeth becoming king? his nature- too kind. He has ambition, but no drive. (meaning- he wants much, but is unwilling to do the unpleasant acts to get it.)
sc5: “Come, you spirits/ That tend on moral thoughts, unsex me here,/ And fill me from the crown to the toe top-full/ Of direst cruelty.” Who is speaking? Paraphrase the lines. Lady Macbeth is speaking to the spirits and asking them to give her strength to be able to kill the king without guilt. She wants them to transform her to be more like a man (unsex me) with the power to do terrible things.
sc5: What does Lady Macbeth compare Macbeth’s face to? “Like a book where men may read strange matters.”
sc5: What does Lady Macbeth instruct Macbeth to do? “look like the innocent flower, only be the serpent underneath it.
sc6: Lady Macbeth tells Duncan that hosting him and his servants is nothing compared to what? the honors deep and broad that the king has heaped upon their house.
sc7: In Macbeth’s soliloquy, what does Macbeth say is a consequence of murder? Macbeth says he will be a success, but that we teach others how to murder and they will then come back and murder us.
sc7: Macbeth says there are two ways that Duncan trusts him at this moment. What are they? 1= Macbeth is his relative and his subject, and 2= Macbeth is his host.
sc7: What does Macbeth say is the reason people will cry like crazy over Duncan’s murder? Because he has been a good virtuous king. Macbeth says he has no reason to kill the king other than ambition.
sc7: What reason does Macbeth give for not wanting to go through with the murder? Because Duncan has recently honored him, he now has the “Golden opinions from all sorts of people” and he wants to enjoy the attention a bit longer.
sc7: Lady Macbeth compares Macbeth to the “poor cat” in some story. How is Macbeth like this cat? waiting for something to happen, acts like a coward
sc7: What act does Lady Macbeth say she would go through with if she had sworn to do it? Kill her own baby.
sc7: What does Lady Macbeth say she will do with Duncan’s chamberlains? Go to them with “wine and carousing” so they can’t think clearly and will eventually sleep very heavily.
sc7: How does Macbeth say they will be able to get away with the murder? They will put Duncan’s blood on the chamberlains to make it look like they did it.

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