Macbeth Act I B Vocabulary – Sentence Completions

corporal When Rylan was in the haunted house in Madison, he thought he felt a spiritual presence, but it was only a(n) _______ presence, since it was actually his friend who appeared in the doorway.raptsovereignvalorouscorporalignorant
hither The coach called over to his team, saying, “Come _____,” and when they went to where he was standing, they were able to finish their practice session.surmisehithertrammel impede enkindle
impede By hiding it behind the garage, Richard was trying to _____ his parents from seeing the damage that he did to his bike trying to do stunts with his friends downtown.impedesurmisewoundbeguilegall
minions The king finally had a couple of _____ who followed him around and happily obeyed his orders.missivescoigns successesvantagesminions
missive The troubled analyst wrote a ____ to his boss; in the message, he expressed thanks for the skills he developed but explained that he would be resigning on the 23rd of February.deedcoignmissive wassailthane
noble He is well known as a kind and ____ person, because he helps the community by giving free sandwiches to the homeless every Saturday.noblebeguilingsurmisingcorporalimpeded
promise Kate and her best friend Jack made a commitment or _____; they assured each other that they would not tell anybody else about all the money they’d found. successcoignreportpromisetreason
rapt The boy looked at the butterfly in wonder and _____ contemplation; he was fascinated and full of awe.beguiledenkindledraptgallingsurmising
success John and his teammates experienced _____ and victory; they accomplished the goals they were aiming for as a team and won their first game of the season.nobilitysuccesstreasonvalorrecompense
report The soldier went to _________ to the commanding officer about the enemy’s position and to explain the strategy of attack they had planned.missivetrammel promisesurmisereport
recompense He believed he deserved payment and _____ for the work he did for the farmer; he did not want to do the work for free.coignthanenobilityrecompensereport
enkindle The cute commercial with the puppies will _______ or intensify your desire to purchase dog food, even if it’s not for your own puppy.enkindlesurmisetrammelimpedepromise
vantage From where he was standing, he had a good _________ point to see the wolves coming; his spot showed both approaches into the valley.valorthane vantage rapturecoign
thanes As one of the _____ or generals of the kingdom; the king trusts me as well as the other generals with his land and certain military duties.minionsthanes surmisessuccessesmissives
trammels The owner finally made his progress after overcoming his restrictions and ________; he went on to build the greatest non-profit organization.trammelsreportspromisesthanescoigns
treason She committed a crime called _____ ; she had betrayed her country by selling government secrets to foreign nations.vantagecoignmissivetreasondireness
valor The soldier showed real _____ when the enemies attacked; he faced them with no fear, even when he knew he was outnumbered.sovereigntygallvantagetreasonvalor
missive I received a ___; when I opened it and read it, I was shocked to read about King Duncan’s death.coigndeedwoundmissivehautboy
wassailing They were roaming the streets partying and _____ after their team had won the Super Bowl; everyone was dancing around and enjoying themselves in a noisy and lively manner.reportingenkindlingwassailingtrammeling succeeding
wound The doctor stitched up the _____ or injury to protect it from infection and stop the bleeding.trammelreportdeedmissivewound
deed The man lost the bet, so he had to hand over the legal document proving ownership of his property, otherwise known as the ____ to his house. deedvantagenobilitysuccesspromise
surmise The basketball players assume and _________ that they will be going to the state championship later in the season, even though they haven’t won a single game yet.impedebeguilesucceedsurmisewound
rapt Mariah had been _______ by the idea of the massive size of the giant wooly mammoth, standing in the Chicago Field Museum; she couldn’t stop staring at it. succeededwoundedimpeded raptrecompensed
missive The boss delivered a ____ or memorandum to his employees explaining the new cell phone policy.minion treasonmissivedeedpromise
dire The Fire Department has ____ or grim emergencies every day that they must respond to without knowing the severity of the situation they’re headed towards.corporaldire raptbeguilinggalling
beguiled He was entranced and _____ by her beauty; he was so mesmerized that he overlooked the obvious warning signs.soothedwassailedbeguiledimpededplighted
impeded Large spikes laid out to prevent procession, otherwise known as caltrops, ____ the horse’s movement and caused it to fall.surmisedenkindledbeguiledimpededfriezed
vantage High off of the ground and able to see everything, the vigilante realized that he had a good ______ point. rebel cherub vantageheath purveyor
noble Queen Elizabeth was both principled and _____; she had been a very respected queen who respected basic values throughout her life.treasonousnoblegallingbeguilingsurmising
recompense Michael has to provide _____ for Jan, because he accidentally broke her car window with a baseball.surceasekernsrecompensesuccessmissives
missive I received a ___; when I opened it and read it, I was shocked to discover that informed me of King Duncan’s death.coigndeedwoundmissivehautboy
corporal Casper, the friendly ghost, did not have a(n) ____ body; instead, his was truly a “spiritual” form.metaphysicalGolgothaignorantcorporalambitious
deed The knight in shining armor was called upon to complete the ____ or task; his queen was very pleased with his actions. plightdeedreportpromiseherald
beguile He wanted to ______ the security guards, so he charmed his way past them with his good looks and got into the concert.brandish floutfell beguile praise
rapt My dad became ______ with my new video game; around 7:00 at night, he wanted to check it out, but at 7:00 in the morning, he was still playing it.impededraptbrandishedpartneredunaccompanied
recompense My father explained that I needed to provide __________ to my little brother for breaking his favorite toy.recompensepromisepraisewassailgall
missive The Thane of Glaims sent his wife a(n) ____; the contents of that message explained how he had been granted another title: Thane of Cawdor.ambitioncoignmissivekernherald
noble Nancy was truly ______ ; even though she didn’t have much time, she volunteered every weekend, helping to train poor children on the latest computer software; she also volunteered at soup kitchens and homeless shelters after work during the week.valorousraptnobleplighted treasonous
wassail The police officer explained that since we were under age, we were not allowed to ____; he said that we could not drink heavy amounts of liquor and enjoy ourselves in a rowdy manner.mettledispatchenkindlewassailhaunt
deed He completed the quest, task, or ___ in a timely manner. plightpromisedeedheathsuccess
impede The job of the goalie on the opposing team is to _____ your ability to score with a shot on goal.woundmettlefloutimpedeplight
promise James had to ______ his mom that he would do his chores before she came home, or he would not be allowed to use the car.surceasefoulpromisesupplytrammel
corporal In some states, _____ or physical punishment is still legal in schools; misbehaving students are paddled either by the principal or a parent who has been called in to discipline their son or daughter.unaccompaniedpurposefulcorporalmetaphysicalvaliant
vantage Jacob has a very good___ point; he is very high up off of the ground and has his binoculars in order to see his target and stay out of sight from the enemy. heraldharbingervantagemettlemissive
thane Banquo is a ____; he holds land given to him by a Scottish king, owns a castle, and commands an army.corporalpartnerGolgothathanerebel
missive I haven’t seen my brother in a long time, so I sent him a long ___ through the mail.heraldmissivecoignhautboypurveyance
report As a member of the Homeland Security force, I am bound by law to ____ any suspicious or dangerous activity that I observe other people doing, even taking pictures of bridges and their support structures.promisesurmisesievereportflout
Minions ___ and servants were very common among the nobility in medieval times.GolgothasMinionsDeedsThanesWounds
rapt Jenny was listening in ______ attention and did not notice any other sound in the room.raptdirenobletrammeledpeerless
treason The women who gave away government secrets to the enemy committed ____ and betrayed their country.ignorancetreasonsuccessbeguilingplights
valorous The men and women of that police precinct received awards for their ____ behavior after they risked their lives to defend the shoppers in the mall from a criminal firing his weapon at them.peerlessvalorousunaccompaniedsovereignbrandished
trammel Gill nets are used to _____ up fish; as they swim downstream, they become caught in the expansive trap.surceaseharbingertrammelfoulplight
enkindling The teacher was so ______; she taught her classes with such vigor, that the students would go home, and talk non-stop about it.cherubicmetaphysicalenkindling beguilingvaliant

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