Macbeth Act 5 Short Answers

Why does Lady Macbeth want light by her at all times at night? She is scared of the dark and doesn’t want to fall asleep due to nightmares
When Lady Macbeth says, “Out damn spot out I say!” What is this proof of? She has an evil conscience
What is Lady Macbeth’s evil conscience causing? Her impending insanity
When Lady Macbeth is sleep talking, what three deaths does she confirm? Duncan’s, Banquo’s, and Lady Macduff’s
What is the doctor’s conclusion as to what is wrong with Lady Macbeth and who he says can help her more than a doctor? She is losing her mind to a guilty conscience. And a priest.
Who is Caithness referring to as “medicine”? Malcolm, he’s going to make everything alright
Proof from Macbeth’s speech that he is ready to end life He said he has lived long enough
What does the doctor tell Macbeth is wrong with Lady Macbeth? She is not sick but she is not getting any sleep.
What is the significance of Malcolm’s speech? Birnam woods was moving, confirming the witches predictions
What is Shakespeare’s psychology of Siward’s last speech? Speculation, thinking about what might happen, is a waste of time.
Proof that Macbeth has become desensitized or numb to evil He forgot the taste of fear
Shakepeare’s psycholofy of Macbeth’s famous, “Out, out, brief candle,” speech. The meaning of life and life is short
What is the news that Seton gives Macbeth? Lady Macbeth is dead
Comparison to life that Macbeth makes in his speech Actors on a stage
Proof that Macbeth is realizing the devil is the prince of lies Equivocation of fiend
Macbeth’s thoughts of suicide He doesn’t think the Romans way- killing yourself is more noble than being killed by the enemy- is right
What is Macbeth confessing to Macduff? That he killed Macduff’s family
Proof that the witches prediction about Macduff was a half truth Macduff was taken by a c-section
Proof that Macbeth defies apparitions’ to the bitter end He won’t surrender even though 2 of the predictions came true
Where in the story is the climax? When Macbeth says, “Lay on Macduff!” and they go face-to-face about to fight
What was Siward most concerned with when he heard his son had been killed? If his wounds were in the front
Proof that Macduff killed Macbeth He put his head on a pole
Proof of Queen’s death and how she died Malcolm confirmed that she killed herself
3 things Malcolm decrees in his last speech 1. Thanes/kinsmen are made earls. 2. Call home those who left because of Macbeth. 3. Celebrate the victory and coronation at Scone
What is a gentlewoman? A servant who waited on the Queen
Who is the Thane of Fife? Macduff
What scared the doctor the most when it came to Lady Macbeth? Her sleep walking
What type of perfume did Lady Macbeth talk about that won’t be able to hide the smell of blood? Arabia

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