Macbeth Act 5 Quotes

“Out, damned spot! Out, I say!—One, two. Why, then, ’tis time to do ‘t. Hell is murky! Citation: (V.i.37-38)Speaker: Lady MacbethSignificance: (rubbing her hands) Come out, damned spot! Out, I command you! One, two. OK, it’s time to do it now.—Hell is murky!
Unnatural deedsDo breed unnatural troubles. Infected mindsTo their deaf pillows will discharge their secrets. Citation: (V.i.75-77)Speaker: DoctorSignificance: Unnatural acts will cause supernatural things to happen. People with guilty and deranged minds will confess their secrets to their pillows as they sleep.
If thou couldst, doctor, castThe water of my land, find her disease,And purge it to a sound and pristine health,I would applaud thee to the very echo,That should applaud again. Citation: (V.iii.62-66)Speaker: MacbethSignificance: (to the DOCTOR) Can you figure out what’s wrong with my country? If you can diagnose its disease by examining its urine, and bring it back to health, I will praise you to the ends of the Earth, where the sound will echo back so you can hear the applause again.
The devil himself could notpronounce a titleMore hateful to mine ear. Citation: (V.vii.10-11)Speaker: Young SiwardSignificance: The devil himself couldn’t say a name I hate more.
I have no words;My voice is my sword, thou bloodier villainThan terms can give thee out! Citation: (V.viii.8-10)Speaker: MacduffSignificance: I have nothing to say to you. My sword will talk for me. You are too evil for words!
“Hail, king! For so thou art. Behold where stands The usurper’s cursed head. The time is free. I see thee compassed with thy kingdom’s pearl, That speak my salutation in their minds; Citation: (V.viii.65-68)Speaker: MacduffSignificance: Hail, king! Because that’s what you are now. Look, here I have Macbeth’s cursed head. We are free from his tyranny. I see that you have the kingdom’s noblemen around you, and they’re thinking the same thing as me. I want them to join me in this loud cheer, Hail, King of Scotland!

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