Macbeth Act 5 crossword

He has the plan to use the wood to keep Macbeth from knowing the enemy’s number. malcolm
lady macbeth is trying to wash this from her hands blood
the enemy does this with birnam wood camouflage
aid to macbeth who carries his armor seyton
the gentlewoman and doctor are concerned as lady macbeth does this sleepwalking
malcolm’s uncle siward
this character was beheaded in act 5 macbeth
new title created by malcolm earl
person who kills macbeth macduff
macbeth could not be vanquished until this comes to dunsinane hill birnam wood
_____ – confident/ macbeth believes too much in the prophecies and has become this over
macbeth wants seyton to bring this to him in Act 5, scene 3 armor
he believes he cannot help lady macbeth doctor
character commits suicide lady macbeth
hill where macbeth’s castle is located in the final act dunsinane
father asked where his wounds were located: young siward
macduff is the thane of ____ Fife
settings iverness, foress, then dunsinane
why can macduff kill macbeth? he was not born of woman since he was born prematurely in a c section
what is the turning point? macbeth not killing macduff
tragedy: play or story in which the main character suffers a downfall as a result of a fatal character flaw, errors in judgement, or forces beyond human control, such as fate
tragic hero (macbeth) main character of a tragedy who possesses a quality that leads to his or her destruction in a shakespearean play this is a dream
tragic flaw (greed/ambition + overconfident) is a quality that leads to the destruction of a tragic hero. the flaw may be errors in judgement or forces beyond human control

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