Macbeth Act 5 (Accardi)

According to the gentlewoman, what actions happen during lady Macbeth’s sleepwalking wake, put on nightgown, write on paper
according to the gentlewoman, what does lady Macbeth command must always be by here side? Candle
What is lady Macbeth doing when the doctor and the gentlewoman see her sleepwaking? Washes hands
What does lady Macbeth try to remove Spot from her hands
According to lady Macbeth, what does the old man have so much in him Blood
What does lady Macbeth say about the thane of fife He had a wife
What does lady Macbeth exclaim will never be clean Her hands
What does lady Macbeth say could not “sweeten this little hand”? What does this echo Perfumes of Arabia, waters of Neptune
What other scenes does lady Macbeth relive as she sleepwalks Banquo’s death
According to the doctor, “unnatural deeds do breed ____” Unnatural troubles
According to the doctor, lady Macbeth needs more the ___ than the ___ Divine, physician
Who is Mentieth and caithness Among the Scottish forces meeting with Malcolm
According to Mentieth, what preparations for battle has Macbeth done Fortifying castle
According to Macbeth, he “cannot taint with fear” until Birnam wood moves
What does he rhetorically ask about Malcolm If he was born from a woman
According to angus, how do these whom Macbeth commands move? Only in command
According to angus, what hang loose about Macbeth Dwarfish thief
What analogy does angus use here Dwarfish thief
According to the servant, how many soldiers are there outside macbeth’s castle 10k
Aside from lady macbeth who else does the Macbeth wish the doctor could cure His country
Who is seyton Macbeth’s lieutenant and servant
According to Macbeth, what has he lived? Long enough
What does Macbeth order seyton to bring him despite that the battle is not yet imminent His armor
What does Macbeth say of lady macbeth’s mind That it can’t be cured
What does Macbeth wish the doctor could lluck from lady Macbeth Her memory
According to the doctor, who must minister “to himself” The patient
According to Macbeth, who flies from him? The thanes
Where, as scene 3 concludes, does the doctor say he wishes he were Far away from dunsinane
What order does Malcolm give to his soldiers, and why To take a branch and disguise it to hide the numbers of the army
What order does Malcolm give to his soldiers, and why To take a branch and disguise it to hide the numbers of the army
What order does Malcolm give to his soldiers, and why To take a branch and disguise it to hide the numbers of the army
According to Macbeth, how has he supped Full with horrors
according to seyton, who is dead? the queen
according to macbeth, what does “tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow” do? creep until the end of time
complete the quote: “Out, out ___ brief candle
continuing his metaphor, what does macbeth say that about life as a “poor player” “who struts and frets and then is heard of no more
according to macbeth, life “is a tale ___, full of ___, signifying ___” told by an idiot, sound and fury, nothing
according to a servant, what did he see that greatly upset macbeth the forest moving
who, according to malcolm, will lead the first battle into macbeth’s castle siward and siward’s son
who does macbeth kill during the final battle upon his castle? young siward
to what kind of “fool” does macbeth allude to as he contemplates not committing suicide the romans
according to macbeth, why has he avoided macduff he has shed enough blood on Macduff’s family
according to macduff in his final confrontation with macbeth, what is in “my sword”? his voice
according to macbeth in his final confrontation with macduff, what kind of life does he lead a charmed one
according to macduff, why is he not a man born of women? he was ripped from his mothers womb, in other words, a c section
complete this quote and know it: “Lay on ___, and ___ the first that cries ___ macduff, dammed be, “Hold, enough”
what news does ross bring siward that his son has died
what does siward say of the news that he is god’s soldier now
after his battle with macbeth, what does macduff carry as he returns? macbeth’s head
as what do all of the remaining characters hail malcolm as the play concludes? king of scotland
as reward to all his loyal “thanes and kinsmen,” what does malcolm make them, being the first in all of scotland? Earls

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