Macbeth Act 5

Who is observing Lady Macbeth while she is sleep walking? The Gentle woman and the doctor
How long have they been watching her? And what night does the Doctor join them? 2 nights and this one is the 3rd
Why won’t the Gentle woman tell the Doctor what Lady Macbeth has been saying in her sleep? She has no one to back her up. Not witnesses.
What is Lady Macbeth doing while sleep walking? Lady Macbeth arrives carrying a candle. (always needs light) She is disturbed, scared and guilty. She is rubbing her hands trying to wash off imaginary blood (King Duncan’s murder) She mentions the murder of the King, disappearance of Macduff’s wife, Banquo and knocking at the front gate.
How does the Doctor feel about it? He feels he cannot cure the illness. Only hope – God
Where do the rebel scotsman meet? In- county side near castle, they meet in Birnham wood.
Who is Young Siward? old Siward’s son. Very young has never been in battle.
How is Macbeth feeling? Confident
How do the soldiers camouflage themselves? They camouflage themselves with trees of Birnham wood.
How does Lady Macbeth die? Kills herself
How does Macbeth feel about his wife dieing? He is upset. He feels she died too soon.
Who tells Macbeth about the trees of Birnham wood marching up to his castle? The messanger
What does Macduff share about himself that makes Macbeth not want to fight him. He wasn’t born naturally from a woman. C section.
What does Macduff say to Macbeth to make him fight? Macduff calls Macbeth a coward. So Macbeth fights him. And Macduff kills him.
What does old Siward discover about young Siwards death? He was stabbed in the front so he wasn’t a coward. He died heroically.
Where is Malcolm being crowned? Scone.

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