Macbeth Act 5

In Act V, the Gentlewoman refuses to repeat Lady Macbeth’s sleep-talk to the Doctor because There is no witness to confirm the truth of her words.
What symptom does Lady Macbeth exhibit to the Doctor? She rubs her hands together as if washing them.
What does Lady Macbeth insist on keeping by her side at all times and why? Light to keep from falling asleep
Malcolm speaks negatively about himself and lies to Macduff in order to Test Macduff’s loyalty
When Macduff receives the news of his family, Malcolm urges him to Rouse his anger
Macbeth suggests the Doctor cure Lady Macbeth by Erasing terrible memories from her mind with medicine
What nation’s army does Malcolm bring with him to Scotland to overthrow Macbeth? England
Malcolm instructs his soldiers to cut down tree limbs to Disguise the army’s true size
Macbeth tries to reassure himself that Malcolm and Macduff are not a threat to him because they Are both “of woman born.”
What is the probable cause of Lady Macbeth’s suicide? She feels guilty for her role in Duncan’s murder
What is Macbeth’s reaction to Lady Macbeth’s death? He is calm, saying she would have died sooner or later, anyway
Why is Macbeth fearless in the final battle? The Witches told him no man born of a woman could harm him
Who kills Macbeth, finally ending his tyrannical reign? Macduff
When Macbeth is finally killed, the prophesy of “none of woman born shall harm Macbeth” is fulfilled because Macbeth’s killer Was born by cesarean section
What “prize” does Macbeth’s killer bring back to the castle? The King’s head
After Macbeth dies, the new king will be Malcolm
Who speaks the last lines of the play? Malcolm
Which prophesy does not come true during the course of the play? Banquo’s sons will be kings

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