Macbeth Act 5

Why does the gentlewoman call the doctor? Lady Macbeth is sleepwalking and her mental health is deteriorating overall
What act does Lady Macbeth perform as she sleeps? Washes her hands, as if to get blood off of them
Reference to Duncan “But who would have thought the old man would have had so much blood in him?”
Reference to Lady Macduff “The thane of Fife had a wife. Where is she now?—What, will my hands never be clean?”
What does Lady Macbeth say about blood? All perfumes in Arabia couldn’t cover up the scent of them
What does the doctor say about Lady Macbeth? There’s no treatment for her
Reference to Banquo “Banquo is buried. He cannot come out of his grave.”
What does Angus say about Macbeth’s army? They’re fighting because they have to and many are deserting
References to clothes Midget wearing robes of a giant – Macbeth is not fit for the role of kingCan’t buckle distempered cause within belt of rule – his rule is corrupted because he is vengeful
How does Macbeth talk to his servant? He calls him a pale goose and yells at him when he brings news of the English army
What is Macbeth’s advisor’s name? Seyton
What does Macbeth tell Seyton to do? Send out cavalry and soldiers
What does Macbeth ask the doctor? How his wife is doing
What is the doctor say? She isn’t sick, but is plagued by her own thoughts
Why is Macbeth confident? Because the third apparition said he’d only be in danger if Birnam Wood moved to Dunsinane
Why does Birnam wood look like it’s moving? The English army hid themselves with branches
What does Macbeth hang outside? Flags
Who tells Macbeth about his wife? Seyton
How did Lady Macbeth die? She killed herself
How does Macbeth react to his wife’s death? He has an existential crisis about how death is inevitable and life is nothing but an illusion that ends when you die
What does the messenger tell Macbeth? That Birnam Wood is moving
How does Macbeth react to the messenger? He says he’ll hang him in a tree until he dies of starvation if he’s incorrect
SCENE 7 (nothing happens in scene 6) SCENE 7 (nothing happens in scene 6)
How does Macbeth feel? Trapped
Why is Macbeth confused? He doesn’t understand what man isn’t born from a woman
Who does Macbeth kill? Siward’s son
How does Macduff act? Vengeful
What does Malcolm notice? Macbeth’s army isn’t giving their 100% effort
What does Macbeth say about suicide? He won’t kill himself as long as his enemies are still alive
Why doesn’t Macbeth want to fight Macduff at first? Because he doesn’t want to and he’s cocky because he thinks every man is born of woman
What happens when Macduff reveals that he was born via C-section? Macbeth loses his courage/confidence, but is still resistant to fight
How does Macduff get Macbeth to fight? He says if Macbeth chickens out, Macduff will put him on public display to humiliate him. This is worse than fighting and possibly dying to Macbeth
How does Siward react to his son’s death? He understands that it’s a soldiers job, and is happy he died honorably, but is upset that he died in the first place.
Who comforts Siward? Malcolm
How does Macduff reenter the scene? Carry Macbeth’s head
What does everyone cheer? “Hail, King of Scotland”
How does it end? Malcolm will become king, invites everyone to see him be crowned, he says he’ll bring everyone who left back, and that this is the dawn of a new era

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