Macbeth Act 5

Where is Lady Macbeth left alone? the castle at Dunsinane
What happens because Macbeth and Lady are not together? She is left ot hink about the horrors he has done
Why does lady Macbeth’s Gentlewoman call for a doctor? Lady macbeth is walking in er sleep
What happens on the first two nights the doctor is at the castle? nothing
What happens during the third night the doctor is at the castle? Lady Macbeth sleep walks and reveals the truth about the murders
Why does the doctor refuse to ell anyone the truths about the murders? he fears his own life will be in jeaperdy
Where do the rebels and the English army plan to meet? at Birnam Wood and Cathiness
Why is Macbeth confident he will be victorious against the rebels and English army? the apparitions about the future
What does the Doctor tell Macbeth about his wife? that she seems troubled and cannot rest
What does Malcolm order his men to do with branches? cut one from a tree from Birnam forest to provide camouflageas hey attack the castle
What does Malcolm’s order to carry branches from the Birnam forest signify? the end for Macbeth because the Birnam wood is moving toward Dunsinane
Who tells Macbeth that Lady Macbeth dies? Seyton
What does Macbeth vow to himself? that he will die a valiant soldier in attle
What does Macbeth do to the messanger that tells him the woods are moving? slaps him and calls him a liar and slave
Who is gathered with their troops on the plain beofre Macbeth’s castle? Malcolm, Siward, and Macduff
What has Macbeth resigned himself to? defeat
What is Macbeth’s last hope from the apparitions? that he will never meet a man not born from a woman
Who is killed by Macbeth after caling him a liar and challenging him in the battle? Siward
Who fights Macbeth after the death of Siward? Macduff
Who reveals that they were not born of a woman? Macduff
Why was Macduff no born of a woman? he was “ripped” from his mothers womb
What does Macbeth realize about the Witches? that they have only helped in his destruction
Macduff joins the soldier/rebels carrying what? the head of Macbeth
Who becomes the new king after the death of Macbeth? Malcolm
What brings about the close of the play? the King’s (Malcolm’s) promise of restoration

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