Macbeth Act 5

‘Here’s the smell of blood still: all perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand.’ (SCENE 1) – Lady Macbeth is paranoid that people may know whats shes done and the smell and sight of blood is scared in her mind.- she is stuck with the guilt she feels, she had sinned.- Although at the begginng of the play lady Macbeth is brave, at the end she feels terrible for her and Macbeths actions.- Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have now gone their separate ways.
‘Revenges burn in them; for their dear causes would to the bleeding and the grim alarm excite the mortified man.’ (SCENE 2) – They want to destroy those who have done them wrong, the desire for revenge to England their spirits.- Shakespeare’s knowledge of medicine although limited he usually spoke factually of Elizabethan medical teaching.
‘Raze out the written troubles of the brain.’ (SCENE 3) – Imagery manages to combine the idea of our troubles as a written sentence of judgement which was written by the Gods.
‘Let every solider hew him down a bough and bear’t before him: there by shall we shadow. The number of our host and make discovery.’ (SCENE 4) – The soldiers will use trees from Dunsinane wood.- A tricky military manoeuvre.- This also fulfils the witches prophecy which links to the theme of supernatural within the play.
‘She should have died hereafter;’ (SCENE 5) – He sees the timing of her death as inconvenient and wishes she could have died later on.- Macbeth isn’t sad about Lady Macbeth’s death merely the timing of it.- He is to self obsessed to care about the death of his wife now of who he loved more then anything at the beginning.
‘Now near enough: your leafy screens throw down, and show like those you are.’ (SCENE 6) – we have advanced close enough. Show you true colours be rid of your disguises.- Dunsinane forest helps to camouflage Macduff’s army.
‘Thou wast born of women.’ (SCENE 7) – Refers back to the witches prophecy.- Shows how Macbeth has lost all sense of sanity as he is purely relying on the prophecies of the witches.- Refers to the second apparition give to Macbeth by the witches in Act 4.
‘Tell thee, Macduff was from his mothers womb untimely ripp’d.’ (SCENE 8) – Macduff was not born naturally he was born by c-section. – Technically as he was not born naturally therefore fulfils the witches prophecy.
‘Hail, king! For so thou art: behold, where stands. The usurper’s cursed head:’ (SCENE 9) – Macbeth death though gruesome is inevitable, natural order can now be restored.- Macduff addresses Malcolm , Duncan’s son as the rightful king.

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