Macbeth Act 4 Study Guide Questions

What does Macbeth’s anxiety to see the witches show? Macbeth’s anxiety to see the witches shows that he trusts them & believes they can tell the future.
First 3 apparitions? Meanings? 1- armored head of a warrior- beware of Macduff2- bloody child- no one born a woman can harm Macbeth 3- crowned child w/ a tree in his hand- Macbeth can never be conquered until Great Birnan Wood marches up Dunsinane Hill.
Final apparition? Is this good for Macbeth? 8 kings representing the 8 Stuart kings of Scotland w/ the 8th king representing James I holding a mirrorBad because it shows Banquo’s children will rule Scotland.
Why is important that Macbeth learns of Macduff’s plan for revenge right after he means with the witches? It is important that Macbeth learns of Macduff’s plan for revenge after he meets with the witches because it gives him the motivation to kill Macduff’s children.
Where does this scene take place? (Scene 2) In Macduff’s castle in Fife.
What is Lady Macduff complaining about? She is complaining about how Macduff fled to England & has left her & their son alone.
On what do Lady Macduff and her son disagree? Lady Macduff: says husband is a traitor for leaving them Son Macduff: says dad is not a traitor and is still alive
What antithesis is found in this scene? Antithesis: “where to do harm/ it is often laudable, to do good sometimes/ accounted dangerous fully.”
What is the outcome? Lady Macduff revives a message that danger is ahead. Murderer ends up killing Lady Macduff & her son.
Why does Malcolm tell Macduff that when he, Malcolm becomes king. “black Macbeth/ Will seem as pure as snow.” Malcolm tells Macduff that he is paranoid. Wants to test Macduff’s loyalty.”
How does Macduff convince Malcolm he can be trusted? Reminds Malcolm of his sainted father & mother. Bemoans the fate of Scotland
What info does Ross have for Macduff? Macduff’s reaction? Info is that Ross says that all people in his castle were murdered Macduff: wants revenge
What help has the English king offered Malcolm & Macduff? Offered 10,000 soldiers to Malcolm & Macduff

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