Macbeth Act 4 Quiz

The witches and Hecate summon horrible apparitions for Macbeth, what do these apparitions tell Macbeth? – Floating Head: – Bloody Child: – A crowned child holding a tree: – Procession of 8 kings, the last carrying a mirror- Banquo’s ghost walks at the end of the line:(scene 1) – Floating head: Beware of Macduff- Bloody child: No man born from a woman shall harm Macbeth. – A crowned child holding a tree: he shall never be vanquished until Great Birnam Wood meets Dunsinane Hill – Birnam Wood is twelve miles away from Dunsinane Hill – Macbeth is relieved by the predictions, and this seems to guarantee his safety and long life – Macbeth just cannot help himself due to his tragic flaw of ambition – he needs to know about the outcome of Banquo’s prophecy.- Procession of 8 kings, the last carrying a mirror- Banquo’s ghost walks at the end of the line: The next king after Macbeth will be from Banquo’s bloodline
When Macbeth learns that Macduff has fled to England, what does he resolve to do? (scene 1) – he wants to kill his family
What happens at Macduff’s castle? (scene 2) – Everyone in Macbeth’s family was slaughtered by the murderers that Macbeth hired
List three reasons why, according to Lady Macduff, her husband has fled to England. (scene 2) – He lacks the natural touch to protect his children- He doesn’t love them- He is a traitor so he must die
Does Macduff’s son believe that there are more honest men or liars in the world? According to him, which of the two groups should do better in the world and why? (scene 2) – Macduff’s son believes that there are more liars in the world- liars would dominate over the honest men- There are more liars in the world than honest men
How does Malcolm test Macduff’s loyalty? (scene 3) – He brings up all the things that are blacker than Macbeth to see if Macduff has the “right answer” because he was suspicious of Macbeth being an agent for Macbeth. – Ex: He says that he is more evil than Macbeth
Where are Malcolm and Macduff waiting? (scene 3) – They are waiting at the English court, within England.
What does Malcolm want to borrow from King Edward? (scene 3) – Malcolm wants to borrow King Edward’s troops, in order to invade Scotland.- Malcolm wants ten thousand men
What does Malcolm suggest to Macduff when he learns of his family’s murder? (scene 3) – Malcolm tells Macduff to convert of all his grief and sadness into anger, so that they can take revenge on Macbeth.
Reasons for Macbeth killing Macduff’s family – “Is this slaughter necessary?” – Macbeth has it all, so he could just go after Macduff directly- Since Macbeth does not have an heir, he wants to remove Macduff’s heir.

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