MacBeth Act 4 and 5

In scene 1 Macbeth goes to see who? the three witches
Who are the witches expecting and what are they preparing? in scene 1 Macbeth, to give him false security, prophecies
What does Macbeth receive from the witches in Scene 1? 3 false prophecies
What is the 1st prophecy that the witches give to Macbeth Armed Head
What does the first prophecy mean? Warning Macbeth about Macduff about declaring War in Scotland
What is the 2nd prophecy that Macbeth receives? Bloody Child
What does the 2nd prophecy symbolize That no person born of a woman shall harm Macbeth Also symbolizes Macduff as a childMacbeth Kills even little children
What is the 3rd prophecy that Macbeth receives? Child Crowned holding a tree
What does the third prophecy symbolize Macbeth shall not be vanished until Birnam wood move to Dusinane hillSymbolizes MalcomPeace in the end
what was Macbeth’s prophecy involving Banquo? 8 kings that look exactly like Banquo The last holds a mirrortwo fold balls and treble scepters which is a compliment to King James
Where did Macduff flee to? England
Who comes to deliver a message to Macduff Rosse
What is the message that Rosse delivers to Macduff? His wife, children, and servants have been killed
After Macduff’s family his murdered who feels secure? Macbeth
Cursed by the _____ whereon they ride air
Cursed be _____ who believes in them any
In Scene 2 what is the mood in the first part? Second Part? Comic relief Tragedy
Who his distraught about her husband fleeing to England? Lady Macduff
Who kills everyone for no reason Murderers
In scene 3 Macduff tries to convince who to go back to Scotland to dethrone Macbeth Malcom
Who suspects Macbeth of being a spy Malcom
Malcom tests whose loyalty by telling him three “untruths” Macduff
Who has terrible Lust for women Malcom
Malcom has a terrible greed for what? Land
What does avarice mean? greed for material things
Who has no-king becoming virutes Malcom
What does Macduff say when Malcom says he has no virtue to become king “O Scotland! Scotland! Fit to rule, you’re not fit to live!”
What three things does Malcom tell Macduff to convince him? Malcom is still a virginMalcom is generous with his things and gives more than he takesMalcom will do his best to be a good king
Malcom has an army of _________ ready to march into ____________ 10,000, Scotland
Who leads the attack into Scotland Uncle Siward and Young Siward
Who vows to kill Macbeth Macduff
Who is sleeping walking? Lady Macbeth
What is Lady Macbeth doing in her sleep? Walking, Wiping her hands clean of the “blood”, confessing her guilt
What does Lady Macbeth sleeping walking indicate That she is feeling guilty and has an unsettled mind
What can the Doctor do for Lady Macbeth Nothing
The Sleeping walking scene is written in what kind of style? Prose
_____ and ________ troops combine to go to Scotland British and Irish
Where do the troops meet? Birnam Wood
The troops use what to hide their large numbers cut and use Birnam wood branches (“forest moving up the hill”)
Macbeth realizes that he has no what? loyalty, loyal troops
What does Macbeth still cling to? Prophecies
Who is the only faithful servant to Macbeth Seyton
What does macbeth do to his servants besides Seyton Abuses them
Who does Macbeth hear screams of? Lady Macbeth dying
How does Macbeth react to his wife’s death? He says she was gonna die anyway, doesn’t care
Life is compared to what three things? CandleshadowActor
Life is ____________ Meaningless
Macbeth kills who in the final battle? Young Siward
Who kills Macbeth Macduff
Why can Macduff kill Macbeth? Cause he was born of a corpse (mother died while giving birth) not of a woman
Who is proclaimed king Malcom
Double, Double, Toil and _________ Trouble
One thing drinking provokes sleep
Macbeth to Duncan Cousin
Who is the queen of the witches Hecate
Fair is ______, and _________ is fair Foul
The night island that never finds the ____ day
In line for the throne after malcom Donalbain
Why do you dress me in borrowed ___________ Robes
The ______ is free Time
Macbeth had him killed because he suspected Macbeth killed Duncan Banquo
One of Duncans Noblemen Lennox
He escapes Macbeth’s murder plot Fleance
Macbeth sees Banquos ________ Ghost
Macbeth defeats him, which pleases Duncan Macdonwald

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