Macbeth Act 4 (Accardi)

What famous chant do all three witches say together? double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble
what does the second witch say “comes” as macbeth makes his apperance? something wicked
of whom does macbeth say, “call them, let me see them” the witches’ masters
what is the first apparition to appear a head with a helmet
of whom does the first apparition tell macbeth to beware? macduff
what is the second apparition to appear bloody child
what dies the second apparition tell macbeth to be violent, bold, firm
who does the secont apparition tell macbeth can “harm” him nobody born from a woman
what is the third apparition to appear crowned child with tree
what does the third apparition tell about great birnam wood it will fight him at dunsinane hill
what one thing does macbeth wish to know if banquos sons will become king
what does macbeth see after he asks if banquos sons will become king? a procession of 8 kings
which character ends the procession that macbeth sees ghost of banquo
what is the symbolism behind the double ball and treble scepter king of more than one country
what news does lennox bring to macduff that macduff is in england
what does macbeth plan to surprise macduffs castle
whom will macbeth give the “edge of the sword”? macduff
where is macduff’s castle located fife
what does lady macduff say her husbands flight is madness
what does lady macduff say “our fears make us” traitors
what is the relationship between ross and lady macduff cousins
what does lady macduff tell her son about his father that he is dead
how does macduff’s son answer his mother’s question about how the son will live without his father that he will live like a bird
how does lady macduff define a traitor someone who swears and lies
what does lady macduff say happens to all traitors they should be hanged
according to lady macduff, what do the honest men do the traitors? they hang the traitors
what does son of macduff say about the idea of the honest men and the traitors liars are fools because more liars than honest men
what news does a messenger bring lady macduff danger is coming, so flee
what does macduff’s son call one of the murderers a shag haired villain
what does the son say after being stabbed “he has killed me mother. run away, i pray you!”
according to macduff, what does each morn in scotland bring death
ironically, what foreshadowing lies in malcoms discussion with macduff (s3L13-14) macduff being harmed
what reoccurring image is seen in s3L32 blood
how do malcoms words (s3L39-41) echo the image of blood blood alludes to suffering
in line 59, malcom begims to test macduff’s loyalty; what does malcom say has “no bottom, none” his sex drive
what does malcom say he would do if he were king be greedy
what does malcom say he would do with the “sweet milk of concord” pour it into hell
what does macduff say malcom is not fit to do? live
what does macduff say is hard to reconcile? such welcome & unwelcome things
who brings terrible news from macduffs castle ross
whom does malcom say england has lent him siward and 10k men
according to malcom, what should macduff convert to anger grief
according to macduff, what does macbeth not have children
to what does macduff compare his own wife and children pretty chickens and their dam
what does macduff ask “gentle heavens” to bring within his swords length macbeth

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