Macbeth Act 4/5 quotes

I conjure by which you professHowe’er you come to know it, answer me Macbeth is demanding to know more about his prophecies from the witches
3 new prophecies Armed head: beware MacduffBloody child: none born of a woman shall harm MacbethCrowned child: Macbeth will never be defeated until Birnam Wood to Dunsinane Hill
From this moment,The very firstlings of my heart shall be The firstlings of my hand Macbeth has just learned that Macduff has fled to England. He is saying how the moment he decided to do something he will act on it. He also decides now that he is going to kill Macduff’s family.
All is the fear, and nothing is the love;As little is the wisdom, where the flight So runs against all reason Lady Macduff is mad at her husband for fleeing to England and leaving his family. She claims that his leaving has everything to do with fear and nothing with love. And since it’s unreasonable for him to flee, it has nothing to do with wisdom either.
Why does Malcom think himself unfit to be the king of Scotland? sexual desires and greed
What can the King of England do? cure people with sickness
What is Macduff’s initial reaction to his family being slaughtered? he cannot believe it
What is Macbeth’s reaction to Lady Macbeth’s death? He claims that he doesn’t feel anything anymore and he is empty.
How does each of the prochecies develop? Beware Macduff: Macduff convinces Malcom and his soldiers to come to Scotland and defeat MacbethNone born of a woman shall harm Macbeth: Macduff was born out of his mother’s stomach in surgeryMacbeth shall not be harmed until Birnam Wood to Dunsinane Hill: the soldiers take branches from Birnam Wood to Macbeth’s castle at Dunsinane HIll
What is Lady Macbeth like in Act 5? paranoid, sleep walking and talking
Who tells Macbeth that Birnam Wood is moving to Dunsinane Hill? messenger
Why does Macduff feel that he must be the one to kill Macbeth? If Macduff didn’t kil Macbeth then the ghosts of his family would haunt him for it
Who becomes king upon Macbeth’s death? Malcom
Why should I play the Roman fool and dieOn mine own sword. While I see lives, the gashes Do better upon them Macbeth’s castle has been approached by Malcom and Macduff along with their army. He remarks that he shouldn’t commit suicide and he would rather be killed by others than himself

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