Macbeth: Act 4

“Double, Double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble” All witches to all witchesRhyming couplet repeated three times while they stir their cauldron, symbolizing that Macbeth is about to be in a lot of trouble. This quote foreshadows that his evil actions will soon come to bite him in the back. Macbeth is destined to face inescapable trouble and toil for his actions
“From this moment The very firstlings of my heart shall be the firstlings of my hand.” Macbeth to MacbethShows a turning point in play: once again we can see that he and LM are beginning to switch roles in the play (Gender role reversal reversal) because he is now acting more stereotypically like an emotionless and scary man. He will no longer let his silly worries and his moral compass get in the way of his murderous plans. He will now act without thinking too much, without letting his conscience stop him, just like Lady Macbeth acted at the start of the plan when she wanted to unsex herself and release her inner evil to be able to kill king Duncan.
“Though all things foul would wear the brows of grace, yet grace must still look so” Malcom to MacduffMalcom is saying you seem like a good man, but you could just be pretending, and really be a traitor sent by Macbeth, but you could also be a good man. He doesn’t know, so this is an an example of equivocation, or two opposing ideas meant to create confusion
“Bleed, bleed poor country!” Blood motif: The blood represents Macbeth’s treason and deception, consuming the country in evil and danger. As long as he remains on the throne, the country will bleed: Scotland will remain in deep trouble and will become a dying country
1st apparation you should be afraid of Macduff!- he is freaked out and now really worried- his fears have been confirmed
2nd appartion no man born from a women can kill you- first confused, but them assured that he is safe- confident that Macduff will not be able to kill him, but still decides to kill Macduff anyways to be extra careful
3rd apparation Macbeth will never be defeated/its just not possible-he’s assured again and now very confident
4th apparation show eight kings with a mirror going on forever as Banquo’s heirs, and Banquo at last- Macbeth becomes freaked out and confused once again-then very angry at the witches
why does Malcolm lie to Macduff he wants to test his integrity, believes that he may have been sent by macbeth to trick him into returning and then punish him-needed to see if he was truly loyal to his country
why does Macbeth visit the witches? he wants to know how he can secure his kinship and stay safe as king, preventing Banquo’s children from taking the throne or Macduff from killing him

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