Macbeth Act 4

Though you untie the winds and let them fightAgainst the churches; though the yesty wavesConfound and swallow navigation up;Though bladed corn be loged and trees blown downThough castles topple on their warders headsAct IV, Scene 1, 52- Speaker: MacbethMotif: Fate vs free will, natureContext: Macbeth has gone to the three witches to determine his fate and demands he hears his fate by their leaders
Beware MacduffBeware the Thane of FifeAct IV, Scene 1, 73-74 Speaker: First ApparitionMotif: Fate vs free willContext: The First Apparition has given his incite on Macbeth’s future, however, he is the lowest of the men who know his inner fate
Be bloody, bold, and resoluteThe pow’r of man, for none of woman bornAct IV, Scene 1, 81 Speaker: Second ApparitionMotif: Fate vs free will, bloodContext: This is the second fate for Macbeth
Be lion-mettled, proud and take no careWho chafes, who frets, or where conspirers are:Macbeth shall never vanquished and be untilGreat Birnam Wood to high Dunsinane HillAct IV, Scene 1, 94-99 Speaker: Third ApparitionMotif: Fate vs free willContext: This is the third futuristic piece for Macbeth, which tells him that no one will take over Macbeth till a time past his death
A seventh! I’ll see no more. And yet the eighth appears, who bears a glassWhich shows me many more; and some I seeThat twofold balls and treble scepters carryAct IV, Scene 1, 123-126 Speaker: MacbethMotif: Fate vs free willContext: Macbeth is seeing all the top leaders of the witches, who are appearing and are resembling the ghost of banquo
He had none:His flight was madness. When our actions do notOur fears do make us traitorsAct IV, Scene 2, 2-4 Speaker: Lady MacduffMotif: Appearance vs realityContext: Lady Macduff and Ross are talking and she is confused why he left without telling her, but Ross is trying to calm her
For the poor wrenThe most diminutive of birds, will fightHer young ones in her nest, against the owlAll is the fear and nothing is the love;As little wisdom, where the flightSo runs against all reasonAct IV, Scene 2, 9-14 Speaker: Lady MacduffMotif: fate vs free will, animalsContext: Lady macduff is wondering he would leave when the man is supposed to care for the family no matter what
Poor bird! Thou’dst never fear the net not limeThe pitfall nor the ginAct IV, Scene 2, 35-36 Speaker: Lady MacduffMotif: animals (women line)Context: She is talking with her son and whatever she says, the son makes a smart comment back to her. She is saying that he’d be so naive that he wouldn’t even be afraid of traps
Whither should I fly?I have done no harm. But I remember nowI am of this earthly world, where to do harmIs often laudable, to do good sometimeAccounted dangerous folly. Act IV, Scene 2, 68-70 Speaker: Lady MacduffMotif: Fate vs free willContext: She has just received a message which said that bad is coming and they need to leave, but she does not know where to go and is annoyed that the Earth can favor the liars of the world
Bleed, bleed, poor country:Great tyranny, lay though thy basis sure,For goodness dare not check thee: wear thou thy wrongs;The title is affeered. Fare thee well, lord: Act IV, Scene 3, 33-36 Speaker: MacduffMotif: bloodContext: Macduff and Malcolm are talking and macduff is saying that macbeth might as well just rule the country ruin all people’s lives
But I have none: the king-becoming graces,As justice, verity, temp’rance, stablenessBounty, perseverance, mercy, lowliness,Devotion, patience, courage, fortitude,I have no relish of them, but aboundIn the division of each several crimeActing in many ways. Nay, had I pow’r I shouldPour the sweet mild of concord into hellUproar the universal peace, confoundAll unity on earthAct IV, Scene 3, 93-102 Speaker: MalcolmMotif: Appearance vs realityContext: Malcolm is telling Macduff that he would not be able to rule Scotland because of his greed, but this is just lie, test to see how he reacts
Let’s make med’cines of our great revenge,To cure this deadly griefAct IV, Scene 3, 220-221 Speaker: MalcolmMotif: Blood (revenge theme)Context: He wants him and Macduff to get revenge by killing Macbeth
I shall do so;But I must also feel it as a man.I cannot remember such thing were,That were most precious to me.Act IV, Scene 3, 227-230 Speaker: MacduffMotif: (theme of pride is downfall of man)Context: Macduff has just learned that all his family and castle have been killed, and he is reflecting about his actions
I shall do so;But I must also feel it as a manAct IV, Scene 3, 227-228 Speaker: MacduffMotif: (theme of pride is downfall of man)Context: Macduff has just learned that all his family and castle have been killed, and he is reflecting about his actions

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