Macbeth Act 4

List the human ingredients that are present in the witches’ concoction? (3 of them) 1. Liver of a blaspheming Jew2. Nose of a Turk3. Finger of a birth-strangled babe
Who says this: “By the prickling of my thumbs something wicked this way comes”? Who are they referring to?,The witches, Macbeth.
What is the magic number in Act IV scene i? (write it out) Three.
What famous words are proclaimed by the witches when they concoct their powerful hell-broth? “_____________________________” Double, double, toil and trouble
fire burn and cauldron bubble.
How is Macbeth’s visit to the witches’ in Act IV scene i different from his first visit? During his second visit Macbeth is completely corrupted, inquiring upon them in a demanding manner. Likewise, he is completely reliant on the witches’ prophecies.
What three apparitions are summoned by the witches? 1. An armed head2. A bloodied child3. A child crowned
The witches answer Macbeth’s qualms over Banquo with a vision of________________________. Banquo and his line of kings.
What is the purpose of the apparitions? (2 reasons) 1. They establish dramatic irony, as the audience now knows more than the other characters2. They cause Macbeth to mislead himself, establishing his eminent tragic fall
Who says this? What does this quote mean? The firstlings of my heart shall be the firstlings of my hand? Macbeth, he is proclaiming that he will from now on only follow what he deems right and true in his heart.
Lady Macduff is furious with her husband for she believes he____________________them. Deserted.
_________________is killed at Macduff’s castle. Macduff’s family.
Why is the murder at Macduff’s castle different from the others? Women and children are killed, for little to no strategic purpose.
Who says the following: “What you egg? Young fry of treachery!”? The murderer.
What does this mean: “What you egg? Young fry of treachery!”? What you child, you son of a traitor.
Who says “Each morn new widows howl, new orphans cry, new sorrows strike…”?,Macduff.
What does this mean: “Each morn new widows howl new orphans cry, new sorrows strike…”?,It indicates that each day more people are murdered.
Who says “Angels are bright still, though the brightest fell”?,Malcolm.
What does this mean: “Angels are bright still though the brightest fell”?,It means that even heroes fall.
Malcolm states “It weeps, it bleeds, and each new day a gash is added to her wounds.” What literary device is employed?,Personification.
Malcolm states “It weeps, it bleeds, and each new day a gash is added to her wounds.” What is he referring to?,Scotland.
Malcolm lists his__________________. Such include_____________and________________. At first __________________disagrees with the image Malcolm creates of himself. However as Malcolm speaks his image becomes even more foul and disgusting._________________finally agrees with_______________, and vows that he shouldn’t return to Scotland. Through this,______________determines they can trust___________________due to his evident loyalty to___________________.,Vices, lust, greed, Macduff, Macduff, Malcolm, Malcolm, Macduff, Scotland.
Who states “Such welcome and unwelcome things at once”?,Macduff.
What does this mean: “Such welcome and unwelcome things at once”? It indicates that Macduff agrees to work with Malcolm to overthrow Macbeth, but also demonstrates that Macduff is disappointed that Malcolm doubted him and tested him.
Who arrives in England? What news do they bring? Ross, he informs Macduff of his family’s murder.
Upon learning of his family’s murder Macduff plans to_____________________. Avenge their deaths.
The first apparition states “beware_____________________.” The Thane of Fife.
The second apparition states “for none of_______________shall______________.” Woman born, harm Macbeth.
The third apparition states “Macbeth shall never be________________until great________________to high___________________shall come.” Vanquished, Birnam Wood, Dunsinane Hill.
Lennox informs Macbeth that_____________has________________to__________________. Macduff, fled, England.
Act IV scene ii takes place at______________________. Lady Macduff is upset over__________________’s absence and__________________tries to comfort her. Lady Macduff and__________________converse and she says her husband was a_________________–which she defines as someone “that___________________and______________.” A____________enters to warn them of danger, but it is too late and a________________enters.,Fife, Macduff, Ross, her son, traitor, swears, lies, messenger, murderer.

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