Macbeth: Act 4

Macduff arrives in Emgland and meets with Malcolm. Malcolm is cautious incase Macduff has come to murder him. Macduff hasn’t been hurt by Macbeth, so the suspicion is justified. Macduff has left his wife and family unprotected-? Malcolm believes it could be because he is working for Macbeth and has nothing to worry about
Malcolm begins to test Macduff even as he mourns for Scotland . “…yet my poor country/shall have more vices than it had before,/more suffer and more sundry ways than ever…/it is myself I mean” who says this quote? Malcolm
Malcolm says “Black Macbeth” will seem? “Pure as snow” compared to himself (part of the test of Macduff)
Malcolm says all the sins he would be guilty of and he would be worse than Macbeth in all ways possible. Malcolm refers to the 7 deadly sins, what are they? Lust, greed (avarice), sloth, pride, gluttony, wrath and envy -Macduff thinks he can work with Malcolm-anyone is better than Macbeth(even though he’s freaking out a bit)
Malcolm says he has none of the “king-becoming graces”? -justice, verity, temp’rance, stableness, bounty, perseverance, mercy, lowliness, devotion, patience, courage and fortitude (everything Duncan was)
Macduff snaps-Malcolm is not fit to live,never mind govern (be king) “O Scotland! Scotland! ? Macduff loses all hope
Malcolm is convinced of Macduff’s loyalties and let’s him off the hook- tells him the truth? -Malcolm explains that he would never betray Scotland or his father and would do everything to be the kind of king Duncan would want him to be/Scotland should have
Ross comes, Malcolm doesn’t test him(a bit odd) Ross reports of? -poor health of Scotland and how the time is here for Malcolm to take back the throne-Malcolm has 10,000 soldiers from England to help him-Ross tells Macduff about the murder of his wife, children and servants by order of Macbeth
Macduff is in denial/disbelief/feels guilt for having left them? -Malcolm tells him to deal with it -Macduff says he will but he also might feel the grief -Malcolm wants Macduff to use the pain to fight-Macduff wants to be the one to kill Macbeth to avenge his family
Act 4 Scene 2? -Macbeth sends murderers to Fife-Macduff has gone to England to find Malcolm -Family is left unprotected-all die
Act 4 Scene 3? -Malcolm tests Macduff’s loyalty-Macduff could be there to kill Malcolm -Macduff gets bad news
Witch 2 says,”By the pricking of my thumb, something wicked this way comes.” Who comes? Macbeth arrives
What is Macbeth’s attitude towards the witches? Demanding and arrogant
What 4 things does the witches show Macbeth? -Armed Head: beware of Macduff-Bloody Child: he won’t be harmed by women-Crowned Child: he would not be defeated until Birnam Wood comes to the castle-8 kings followed by Banquo’s ghost with the mirror: Banquo’s descendants will become kings-Macbeth feels invincible
Macbeth says about the witches,”infected by the air whereon they ride, and damned all those that trust them!” What is Macbeth, in effect, saying about himself? he was wrong for trusting them
Where is Macduff? In England helping Malcolm
Why does Macbeth have Macduff’s family and servants killed? Macduff is not loyal to Macbeth and Macbeth is angry
Why does Lady Macduff’s son say liars and swearers are fools? He thinks they are foolish to leave themselves in jeopardy when they could overcome the honest people
Malcolm says,”angles are bright still, though the brightest fell. Though all things foul would wear the brows of grace, yet grace must still look so.” What does that mean? Things are not what they seem
Macduff says,”oh Scotland, Scotland!” Why? Malcolm is worried for the country’s future
What news does Ross bring to Macduff? Ross brings news of Macduff’s family’s murders

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